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Couples halloween costumes!

Hey gals!  Are you and H dressing up for Halloween?  We are... but now we're going to a "couples costume party" and we're stuck!

 We want something fun but not the same thing that everyone else will be doing  (Palin & McCain, Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo, Salt & Pepper, etc)...

Any suggestions?  I'm such a procrastinator!

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Re: Couples halloween costumes!

  • What about:

    John and Abigail Adams

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono

    Cleopatra and Marc Anthony

    Annie Oakley and Frank Butler

    or something like Burger King and Dairy Queen, ketchup and mustard, a pair of dice (all black or white with either white or black dots), etc.

  • How about going as the American Gothic couple or even a parody of them?



  • Or this. DH and I did this one year and were a hit! 


  • does it have to be someone famous or can u go as characters...

    dumb and dumber

    sports player/cheerleader

    santa/mrs claus









    be each other

  • what about:

    -a girl scout and cookie monster

    -bonnie and clyde

    -jane and tarzan

    -howie mandel and a deal or no deal case girl

  • What about Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski?
  • We are dressing up as Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood, his girl in the 1st and last movies.  Or you could dress up as the other girls from the movies.

    Lucy and Ricky

    Peter Pan and Wendy

    Prince Charming and Cinderella

    James Bond and a Bond girl

    PS Love the idea from that Time Magazine pic of the sailor and the nurse!

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly

    I don't know if it's exactly a good couple but someone at the party i went to last weekend dressed up as an orkin lady and a cockroach. it was awesome. 

  • My dh and I are Princess Peach and Mario


  • My husband and I dressed as a flapper and gangster from the 1920's. It was relatively easy to put together and we got a lot of compliments. However, I do admit, not that original.

    We just went to a couple's party and here are some costumes that I remember:

    - samuri and geisha

    - hancock and mary (the love interest)

    - socket and plug

    -doctor and patient



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