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House plant downward spiral

Hi ladies,

About a week and a half ago I mistook my spray bottle of water for the spray bottle of white vinegar when I was misting my peace lilly. I ended up dumping some of the vinegar (abou15-20oz.) into the soil of the plant and now the poor thing looks like it's on death's door step.

When I realized the mistake I doused it with water and when it seemed to be going limp I watered again but now nothing seems to revive it. I got it from my grandfather's funeral 7 years ago and it's the only houseplant that I've been able to keep healthy for a long period of time. I'd appreciate any suggestions at this point-so far I've heard that the vinegar has made the soil too acidic and I'll need to re-pot but I'm not sure if that's the way to go.

Re: House plant downward spiral

  • The soil was irrepably damaged by the vinegar.  Remove all the soil and replace with fresh soil and a new pot.   If the roots haven't died, this should save the plant.

    The old pot should be washed with soap and hot water and allowed to dry upside down for 72 hours before using it for any new plant.  If it is not scrubbed, the vinegar residue on the pot will damage any new plant.

  • I'll bet if you repot it, and maybe rinse of the leaves before doing so, it'll come back.  It might take a few months, but give it a shot. 

    Willa 4.6.06 and Henry 10.18.08 Camp Sinki
  • Thanks ladies. I repotted it a few days ago and I'm still holding my breath. I rinsed the roots and cleaned out the old pot pretty well and replaced the old soil w/ new. I'm still waiting for signs of life.

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