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Back pain on under right shoulder blade

Anyone ever experience pain under the right shoulder blade?  I have had some pain for the past few days.  I am going to try to see a doctor tomorrow...everything I read leads me the gallbladder.  I have never experienced pain like this before. 

I don't think it is a pulled muscle, I haven't lifted or worked out since last week.

Re: Back pain on under right shoulder blade

  • Sometimes I get that on my right or my left from if I have slept funny.  It's pretty excruciating and takes a few days to work out.  Good luck, hope it isn't your gallbladder.
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  • I do under both shoulder blades from extremely tight muscles. I have also been diagnosed with a pinched nerve in that area that gets aggravated sometimes.

    Dr. Google can scare you. Talk to your doctor before getting too upset. 

  • I have had that exact pain, unfortunately it was my gallbladder and it had to be removed. It was excruciating, so I completely sympathize, though the gall bladder attacks that started a month later were worse.

     Sorry :( If you have any questions about the surgery, feel free to page me.

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  • It could be so many things (muscle, gallbladder, etc.), I wouldn't freak out until you talk to your doctor.

    If it is your gallbladder, the doctor will probably schedule you for additional tests if it doesn't call for immediate removal. I just had surgery to remove my completely non-functioning gallbladder last month and I am starting to generally feel better. The one thing all my doctors agreed on was that it was best to get it removed when it is not actively causing pain.

  • I had lingering pain by my right shoulder blade for months...I was miserable. I finally went to the doctor and found out I had two slipped discs and needed surgery. More than likely, your case isn't as serious as mine was, but it's a good thing you're going in sooner than later. GL!
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