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I am going to attempt the impossible

I am going to go to Target after work and ONLY get the 4 items that are on my list. Wipes,toilet cleaner ,a black shirt for me and a pink shirt for isabel to finish her costume.

Maybe I should mapped out my course through the store so I don't go through any un neccesary aisles and get distracted Zip it!

Re: I am going to attempt the impossible

  • Good luck with that! I can't seem to ever get out of there without spending at least $100.
  • I agree with Val! Target is like a black whole that sucks me in and makes me spend a hundred bucks! Good luck! :)
  • Woah. You're brave! Good luck!
  • The problem is they seem to put the Sale racks directly in my path! If I think I'm getting a deal, I have a hard time putting something down even if I don't NEED it!
  • I have been doing better with this lately. Trying to stick strictly to my list! I could easily blow big bucks there, though.
  • us too, easily over a $100 each time. we've been looking over our budget recently and realized we need to do some major cutting back so this is will be my first major challenge.

    Especially since this weekend we will be spending a pretty big chunk of money on things we need for the house and for the baby.

  • You can do it! Just avoid the end caps where they put their clearance stuff. Those are my biggest problem. I say plan something for right after Target so that you are almost rushing. I find I stay on course when I have to get in and out of there
  • The clearance racks are the worst and I always find myself going through them.

    Good luck! Stay strong! You have more will power than me :)

  • Yeah right. Good luck. I went to Wal-Mart last night just to get some snacks for the road and ended up buying 5 new tops. But they were only $5 each, how could I pass that up?!
  • Bring a fussy kid with you to Target -- that'll get you outta there quickly =)

    All joking aside - -I feel ya. ?I myself have been guilty of spending $$ there.

    Good luck =)?

  • That is just like my Costco weakness--- I call it a $200 store- can't get out without spending $200. WalMart and Target are both $100 stores for me, lol!
    Don't worry about tomorrow. After all, today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. Take each day as it at a time. Midnight Baking Adventures Blog
  • I hope it worked out for you! I went to Target around 6 and it was so crowded I just wanted to run out the door without buying a thing! I love Target my DH gets mad because I can just walk down every aisle and find something I need lol.
    Lapband wife wanting a baby since 2008. 162lbs lost...30 more to go.
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