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Oh dear God noooooooo!!!

The batteries in the swing are dead, I don't have anymore D size in the house, and my niece borrowed my car.

Noooooooooo not the swing....P loves the swing now and sleeps forever in it.

Re: Oh dear God noooooooo!!!

  • Push it back and forth yourself lady! Keep that baby asleep!
  • Yeah but I gotta clean the house from last night. There is pumpkin chit everywhere!
  • This is exactly why H's aunt and my mil tried to talk me into the one that plugs in. I didn't listen though. Oops.

    That really sucks Amy. Do you have a sling or carrier you can put him in so he's being held and you still get the cleaning done?

  • Yeah I wish I had got one that plugs in too. A LOT!

    I do have a sling but anytime I do a lot of bending, like when cleaning, it just doesn't work. It's nice while out and about though.

    P just started sitting forward and we both love the Bjorn  carrier that I have.

    BTW the Mobey never really worked for us. P hated it.

  • Oh no!!! I'm so sorry! Oooh and D Batteries are tough to come by- its not like you're going to go looking through your junk drawer and magically find them :(  I hope it all goes ok1!!
    Don't worry about tomorrow. After all, today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. Take each day as it at a time. Midnight Baking Adventures Blog
  • I couldn't take it. My niece got home and I ran to the store.

    Long live the swing!

  • sorry I remembered to warn Kristy to stock up on batteries but I guess I forgot to tell you. Those things go thru batteries like crazy.
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