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Gift ideas for DH's co-worker's wedding?

Hi All -

Next month, we're traveling 3 hours to go to DH's co-worker's wedding.  She's not registered.  This is her 2nd marriage and she's in her 30s, so it's not like she NEEDS a blender or anything like that.

Any ideas?


Re: Gift ideas for DH's co-worker's wedding?

  • We received a pillow in a tree motif with our names embroidered in a heart on the tree.  We also received a ceramic vase with our initials punched out of the vase.  Both were from Etsy and were very unique and lovely.  
  • Both very cool.  Thanks.  I would be delighted to get either of these myself.

    I was thinking of something monogrammed too!  Now, my only concern is I don't know if she's changing her last name - which could make a mnogrammed gift a little tricky.

    Something else that I was considering is a really nice champagne bucket and a bottle of bubbly.

  • A gift card for their favorite restaurant? If you're H is close enough to the bride to be invited to the wedding, he might know some of her favorite places.

    Are there any hobbies/interests that your H knows of? For example, if the couple loves to cook and you're not sure what they need, maybe a gift card to a gourmet cooking store? Or if they like to go camping, a gift card to some place like REI? If they like to travel, maybe a travel guide to a location the bride has mentioned visiting - a way to start planning their adventures as a married couple?

    If your H knows what the bride or the couple likes to drink, maybe you could find something related? Like a bottle of a favorite liquor with some fun martini glasses? Or a nice bottle of wine with a pair of crystal wine glasses? It never hurts to have more glassware.

    Mr. Sammy Dog
  • I generally give cash at weddings.  For a shower, I will follow the registry (if available) or another item if I know the couple well.  I would also prefer to give (and receive) a gift card to a gift that is not the couple's style.

    Good thinking about the monogramming - if you could use just first names it would be nice, but I steer clear of last initials!

  • I'd say cash. It's always safe- and after shelling out $ for the wedding, money may be tight for the honeymoon or whatever...
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  • How about a framed 50 or 100 dollar bill? It's different plus, who wouldn't want a new frame.......with cash? LOL

  • I hate to be the party pooper but one person's thoughtful and unique is another person's cliche and gaudy.  You know what they tell brides who just want cash?  Don't ask for cash but don't register.  It's like an unwritten rule.  If they aren't building their nest and this is a second marriage, they will want to go on a trip, reno the house or save for a kid/car/new house. 

    Give them cash.

  • Thank you all.  Turns our my husband wants to give cash.  I'm usually totally ok with giving cash to family, but felt a little funny about giving it to a friend/co-worker.  Not sure why, but I do. 

    But cash is always the best wedding gift.  :)

  • How much are you looking to spend?  My go-to wedding gift is the crystal Harmony bowl from Tiffany's.  It's about $100.00 and who doesn't love to see a nice big Tiffany's box on their gift table?! 
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