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I need to vent about my *darling* (read with sarcasm) husband.

I love my husband. But sometimes he can be so lazy. To the point where I want to scream. Like tonight. We live in Mandeville, a nice safe area. But still I get scared walking in late at night. We live in a gated community so for convenience and easy parking I park outside the gate and walk around back. We live in the back of the building which is backed up by woods and although it's well lighted woods have always creeped me out a bit.

So tonight I call him and ask him after coming in from babysitting late (10pm) if he'll come around and walk me in. He knows I'm scared but yet he tells me that he just sat down and is in his boxers and he'd have to "find clothes". He made it sound like I was asking him to run a freaking marathon.

Needless to say when I came in the door I was a bit pissed off and a bit cold towards him and now he's in bed and I don't care.

Maybe I'm wrong but I really don't think it would have been that hard to throw on a pair of shorts and walk out to make your wife feel better.

PS: A side note, I got my purse stolen at gun point a few years ago in Baton Rouge and since then I've been really nervous about walking through parking lots. Hence my fear even at my safe apartment complex.

Re: I need to vent about my *darling* (read with sarcasm) husband.

  • Yea. He should have thrown on some shorts. :(
  • You are completely right. I would be frustrated too. Did you ever tell him that it bothered you? Maybe he needs a little reminder of why you get scared...

  • I would be aggravated too ESPECIALLY after you said that you were attacked before.  Definitely a legitimate excuse as to why you would have a fear like that. 

    Funny story about the Northshore and the "dangers" it holds.  My sister used to live in Covington.  Late one night, their dog starts freaking out outside.  My brother in law (in his batman boxer shorts) runs outside with his pellet gun- sees an armadillo hissing at the dog.  Shoots the armadillo, hits its shell and the armadillo chases him up into the swing set.  If only we had video of this.  So luckily, if it makes you feel any better, the Northshore is pretty safe except for some wild animals and my crazy family with guns.  :P

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