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Help me decode this. Job related.

I had a first interview last Wednesday. Yesterday HR calls me to tell me I'm a finalist and to have me send four references an online reference checking survey. 

I just now got a call from the dept. secretary to schedule a second interview for next Friday. Why a second interview after reference checking? Now I'm feeling discouraged again. Am I being irrational? Now I have to wait another whole week PLUS.  

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Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12

Re: Help me decode this. Job related.

  • Don't be discouraged (aside from about the waiting, because I agree, waiting sucks).

    Here's a couple things I remember from when I was a supervisor and was in charge of hiring processes:

    1) HR and the Department work on very different timelines.

    2) Usually the Department has to wait for HR to "okay" moving forward (which may be why you heard from HR first and then the department)

    3) Here's one specific story I can tell you that may be similar to what's happening in your shoes: We were interviewing for a job in our department. We interviewed, like, six people. We LOVED two of them. I called all the references, hoping someone would crap out. Neither one did. So we brought them in for interview round two to ask more specific/situation oriented questions and to have them meet new/additional panel members. That's when we made our final decision.

  • SBS is probably more knowledgeable about these things than I am, but it sounds like good news to me! I wouldn't think they would waste their time calling references and bringing you back in. I'm sure it is a good thing!
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  • I'm whiny about this because I thought the process was almost over. And now I have to wonder if I'm indeed competing against someone else (not to sound horribly immodest, but I'm very well qualified for this job), but that I have to wait 8 days and more to actually plan for my own life. I'm stuck in this horrible unemployed limbo of not being able to do ANYTHING because I don't know if I'll have a job soon. 
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    Lucy Elizabeth 10.27.12
  • Oh mames, I'm sorry. I think the checking of references is a positive sign and agree with SBS' scenario. I know the waiting stinks and you can't plan anything but hopefully by the end of the month you will know.

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  • I know the waiting is hard, but a second Interview is a great sign! 

    More job dust coming your way!!! 


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  • Yay mames, awesome news--very encouraging!! Sounds like they're just covering all of their bases. Keep your head up, 8 days is nothing in the big scheme of things. 
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