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Fun Bacholorette party ideas anyone?

Okay so I'm planning a friends bacholorette party and I need some unique and fun ideas.  There won't be any alcohol or strippers involved and I'm thinking maybe a road rally, but besides that..I'm clueless.  I've been to a lot of parties but they've all been so similar, anybody have anything different and fun?  Anybody done a unique road rally type game?  Any ideas, suggestions, insight, would be greatly appreciated!!

Re: Fun Bacholorette party ideas anyone?

  • my best friend just got engaged.  her mom and her have already had her bparty planned for a long time b/c she doesnt want the huge stripper drinking binge party. 

    we are planning on doing a huge girls day at hte spa and a nice dinner trip at the beach.  the plan right now to stay at a family friends beach house to help with cost. 

    hope this helps!!

  • Depends what type of bride-to-be you have. I don't drink and made a point not to have anything penis related:

    - You could do volunteer work

    - Spend the day at a water park

    - Have an Indian theme and have private belly dancing lesson

    - If she likes children and most of your friends have children have a sleep over

    - if you want to go someplace check out citypass.com we used it in atlanta and got a heck of a deal on all the attractions

     -scavenger hunt across town

  • Good ideas!  I think I'm going to go with the scavenger hunt/road rally then fondue and gifts.  Does anyone know of any fun games to play with the bride and friends?
  • I just had my bachelorette party, and we did a scavenger hunt. We also did something where we teamed up in pairs and dressed made toilet paper wedding gowns/veils/bouquets, it was hilarious.
  • I have a game to play at the house.

    1. Hand out a sheet of paper and pen to all the girls

    2. Have them all write, Hello, my name is X and I don?t like cleaning because you have to do it all the time (make your own answer up)

    3. Have them hand the piece of paper to the person to the left of them

    4. Now each girl has to read everyone paper out loud but instead of the word cleaning substitute it for the sex.

    5. So it will turn out like ? Hello this is X and she doesn?t like sex because she has to do it all the time.

    It?s funny because people won?t be expecting that.

  • Not sure if your bride or attendees would be interested, but I went to a bparty last year and we had a blast with the activity.  The host organized a "teacher" to give us classes on exotic dancing (there was no nudity whatsoever).  They gave us tips on tactful tricks (dancing related) for the bedroom.  It was a lot of fun... everyone enjoyed it.



    -- Jackie
    "If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane" -- Jimmy Buffett Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
  • For my b-party, I didn't want anything penis related or tacky... so we went out to dinner and then to an improve comedy club. We had flashing pins and tiaras on... the comedy club ended up pulling me up on stage. We had so much fun!
  • For my B Party a few close friends of mine went and took a pole dancing class.  The instructor was so much fun and it wasn't raunchy.  It was a tough work out though.


    Later in the night we had a sleep over and played fun games.  One of my favorite games we played was called "Blue Balls"  You take a grapefruit and put it in one leg of the pantyhose and tie it around your waist giving the illusion of ..well you know.  Then everyone lines up and an orange is place in front of you.  The goal of the game is to use your...package to hit the orange and first one to get your orange to the finish line wins!  The game is actually more fun to watch then participate in.

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