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Too many newbies on TK!

I had a moment today where I realized that by the time my wedding rolls around, almost all of MY knottie girls will be married and moved on. SO glad we have this board to stay in touch!

I also realized that by then I will be one of the 'old wise' knotties that people look to for advice... weird. haha

really feeling the knottie love this morning!!


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Re: Too many newbies on TK!

  • girl, i went over there yesterday and there had to be almost 5 girls to introduce themselves! it's always crazy to see 'em come and go!
  • Seriously.

    I've only been around for 3 months but sometimes I'm like... do I bother with the newbies or just see who has actual staying power? Hmm

    Siggy Deleted Due to Internet Stalking. Mama to Q, born July 2010
  • I've thought that too Morgan!  All of the people we've already built relationships with are going to be gone by the time we get married.  Guess we'll just have to make MORE friends!
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  • I've been on DW board for over a year.  And what I love about it is that everyone makes the effort to welcome everyone else.  It's not a snarky board by any means - and that's often the reason newbies mention they're joining us.  I really hope that even with all the newcomers, it stays the same.  If "when should I send STDs" or "how do I PIP" or even "my family isn't on-board with DW" posts pop up a million times, there are new girls every day asking the questions.  And they will become "us" as we get married and move on.  Embrace that. 

    We're lucky enough to find a Nest board that isn't over-used.  But let us NOT forget that it is "home" to some girls.  And we need to respect that.  Often times, there are girls from ND that jump on the ND board and are surprised that very few live in ND.  But everyone is welcomed with open arms - and that's what these boards are about. 

     I know, I know... that's the mother in me. 

     I have to admit, I've been swamped this past week.  I have 3 months left and am feverishly trying to get everything finished asap.  So I've missed a few "newbie posts"... Remember yours?  I do... I was afraid to post at first because of the lashings on other boards.  But DW girls were awesome.  DW girls are awesome.  and the future DW girls will continue to be awesome!

     Never "too many".... how great is it that your planning is helping another girl live her dream wedding!!!

  • image BlondeBeachBride08:

    I've only been around for 3 months but sometimes I'm like... do I bother with the newbies or just see who has actual staying power? Hmm


    Hahaha Morgan...I must confess I felt the same way when you and some of the other newbies we got in January started posted.  Glad you stuck around though!  You've brought so much to the board the last few months.

    I think Lisa said it well though.  Part of what makes the DW board so awesome is we are so welcoming.  It is hard when people come and go and the group dynamic changes...I've seen it change many times over the last year but you get used to it and the new people after a while.  I think we are so lucky to have found such a wonderful board with such wonderful people to share and help us through our wedding planning experience and I try to do what I can to help everyone else as well.  I love you guys!

  • If you watch my posts, I still welcome pretty much every new girl I see, and I'm excited that they are on our awesome board. I was really thinking more about the girls that we're "losing" in the coming months. There will be more moving on in the next three months than there has been previously (yay spring/summer weddings) so the post was intended to be more about that. Change is weird, but always good, especially since now I get to pass on my hard earned knowledge to new people.
    Siggy Deleted Due to Internet Stalking. Mama to Q, born July 2010
  • Absolutely... I knew what you were getting at Morgan.  Its odd for me to see so many of the girls who were "new" when I started on the DW board go off and get married.  I wonder what it'll be like when I get married... it's such an odd feeling that we'll be "replaced" here.  I know that as people build their lives with their spouses and have no daily WR stuff to handle, postings will dwindle - even on this board.  That makes me sad sometimes.  I love seeing how excited the newbies get.  And then I laugh to myself, because here I am replying to a post on the ND board that I'm doing WR crap.... haha.  Remember when it used to be thrilling to get invites designed/etc.  yeah - now the "fun" part begins.  Assembling them.  Ugh

  • Must be getting to my time of the month...this thread made me have a little tear that I won't be able to meet some of you at the NYC GTG Sad
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  • I have to butt in Stick out tongue

    I feel the same way. A lot of girls introduce themselves, ask a few question and I am always wondering if the next newbie is a staying one or not..

    I even remember when Blondie over here joined Big Smile

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