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XP: Reco your dog food please

i have an allergy-sensitive dog and am desperate to find a solution to help with his wheezing and congestion. please reco your dog food and anything else you've tried for other dog health issues. thanks!!!

Re: XP: Reco your dog food please

  • You might try paging nital on the pets board.  Or, are you FB friends with her?  She knows a lot about dog foods.
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  • Not sure about how it will work with allergies....but we have a little furbaby who has a sensitive stomach and we feed him Blue Buffalo Basics. He loves it and it seems to be working great for his issues.


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  • What kind of foods have you tried? We feed Acana Pacific - its a grain-free fish based food. Tomlinson's has a lot of really good quality brands if you're close to one of their locations.
  • we use natural balance, it's suppose to be good for dogs with allergies
  • Both of our pets are on special, prescription foods but they're both the Royal Canin brand.  I know that they make food that isn't prescription so you might look into that.
  • I have a cocker spaniel, which is a breed prone to allergies.  I used to give my dog Eagle Pack Holistic ( Anchovy, Sardine, and Salmon the first two-three years that I had him, but for some reason, his taste changed.  Therefore, I switched to Arcana (Grasslands version) made by Champion Pet Foods (  They, also, offer a slightly higher protein line called Orijin.  Their ingredients are extremely high quality if you check out their website. 

    I don't buy dog food from the major pet food makers.  Also, I wanted to let other Nesties that feel the same way to know that Proctor & Gamble just bought out Natura Pet Products last year, who makes Innova, Evo, California Naturals, Healthwise, and Karma. 

  • I have both a dog and cat with food allergies.  The food made a HUGE difference.  We get our food from Tomlinson's and only use food made from things like salmon, wild buffalo, etc.  Nothing from a farm.  It's the hormones that the animals are injected with that our pets are allergic to.  We use Taste of the Wild and Nature's Balance.  The people at Tomlinson's are super helpful so I recommend going in there and talking to them.
  • thanks for the suggestions! we use blue buffalo - lamb, i believe (the green bag). and we've tried prescription before that basically had everything stripped out of it (he hated it and wouldn't eat). he seems to stomach blue buffalo really well, but his respiratory allergies aren't getting any better.

     the vet is starting to think he's developed asthma.  

  • Are you giving any allergy meds like benadryl or zyrtec? Do you think its environmental allergies or food allergies?
  • yeah he gets 2 pills of zyrtec a day. i'm thinking it's more environmental allergies since he doesn't have upset stomach or anything like that. we played with his food a little bit, and it didn't seem to make much of a difference on his health (only his preference of what he wanted to eat).
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