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BevHills Pt.2 on tomorrow night!

My DVR is set to record a new episode of RHoBH tomorrow night at 10 p.m. and the info says it's a reunion show. I just double checked on Bravo's web site and it looks like that's when it's going down. I was clueless about the scheduling change until now and am so glad we don't have to wait until Thursday!

I'm really wondering about the Cedric story, I hope it all comes out--not just sugar coating.

Re: BevHills Pt.2 on tomorrow night!

  • Your DVR is correct. Part 2 will be on tomorrow night. I can't wait.

    I think everyone is dying to know what happened with Cedric. I tried to find out some information online today, but Lisa isn't talking about it since the reunion hasn't aired yet.  (I did find out that Cedric and Lance Bass used to date).

  • I cannot wait!  There has been nothing on tv lately. 
  • Thank You!!  I thought it was on Thursday still!!  Now I'm going to have to stock up on some wine.....day off.....snow storms.....RHOBH....what a fabulous night! ha
    The Life of a Floppy Whoppy
    "Your good friend Miranda has just taken a piece of cake out of the garbage and eaten it. You will probably need this information when you check me into the Betty Crocker Clinic"
  • FW-sounds like a perfect day/night!

    Tracita-I think Feb is going to be an awesome month for tv because of the sweeps-yay! I'm with you, January was so dull.

    Mysterons-I think they mentioned that he dated Lance on the show? Maybe it was in one of the minute clips in between commercials. I'm pretty sure it was around the time of the 2-inch fuse comment, lol. 

  • I've lurked around on this board but you guys are speaking my language! I cannot wait for the second part of this reunion. They keep showing in the ads Lisa saying everything Cedric told them was a lie! I am sure more will come out.

    I am also interested in what Kim has to say. I always thought she was a bit off and then when Kyle threw out her secret it really all made sense!

  • My DVR is showing that Lisa and her husband are going to be on WWHL on Thurs night and sometime next week there is goiing to be a "never before seen" show with unaired clips from the season
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