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Introduce yourself here!

Ok a warning, I'm typing on my iPhone so this post might have really weird "p's" in an attempt to make paragraphs lol Sorry in advance!

I'm Belle, I'm 27, married, no kids but one adorable dog :) I work as a nanny and am in school full time as an education major. I was born and raised in MA but MH is from LA and I love it here so this is where we have decided to stay for a while. When we moved we were originally in Baton Rouge but now that DH works in NOLA we are on the north shore. Staying in my FIL's house (he doesn't live here) temporarily but hopefully moving to our own place in a couple weeks, so excited!

I have a few addictions, diet Coke with ice, Twitter, my iPhone and books. I LOVE to read.

Would love to hear about y'all and see if we can liven our board up a little!

Re: Introduce yourself here!

  • The nest ate my first post, so here I go again.

    I'm Kellie and I'm 28. Curtis and I were married June 07, 2008. No babies yet, but hoping to start trying in July. The cute pup in my siggy is Ruby and we adopted her from another Nestie a couple of months before our wedding.

    I was born, raised and currently live in St. Charles Parish. We love it out here, not too close, but close enough.

    I am a reality tv junkie...the trashier the better. I'm loving audiobooks right now.

    Let's see if the nest will eat this one too.

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  • Ok people, I see the view count going up, but no one is posting. We don't bite!
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  • Hey ladies!  I normally lurk around on the knot but decided to come check this board out today.  I'm 29 and getting married in June at Musee Conti Wax Museum.  So excited!  My fiance proposed in Champions Square before a Saints game in October.  I'm from West Monroe, LA and my fiance is from Greenville, SC.  We just moved down to NOLA in September, and we're loving it!  I'll try to come check this board out more often.
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  • Hello! Hadn't been to the site in a while, but wanted to go ahead and introduce myself too!

     My name is Lindsay and my husband and I have been married since June 19, 2010. I'm originally from MD, but my husband's entire family is here in LA. He grew up on the westbank, but his dad and grandfather now live on the northshore, so that's where we decided to settle as well. We don't have any kids yet (I asked for one Mardi Gras before little ones!) but we have two dogs. We are hoping to buy a house within the next year...I can't wait to get out of this crappy rental!

     I'm a L&D nurse at Touro Infirmary in NoLa. I love delivering babies...I feel so lucky to have found a career that I love. I love outdoor activities such as camping and outdoor recreation. I haven't ridden a bike since middle school tho, so I got one for Christmas and my goal of the year is to be able to ride the entire St. Tammany Trace (I think it's like 28 miles).

     I really hope people keep this board active, as I love hearing from the NoLa nesties!! :)

  • wmh - congrats on your engagement!! Linz - I have been wanting to get a bike forever, I totally forgot about St Tammany Trace!
  • @ NoLaLinz, I was just browsing the boards and saw we have the same exact wedding date and my sister use to work in L&D at Touro. 

  • Yay for the same wedding date!! :)

     I've only worked at Touro since I'm still a newbie. But all the girls there are great! :)

  • Hey Everyone,

    Belle, it's great to hear you're making an effort with this forum. I wanted to organize a GTG when we first got here but we all couldnt decide on a venue!

    But this post is great! I'm 27 and have been married since last May, DH and I got married in Orlando Florida but move to NOLA as I had a job here. I work as a Marketing Coordinator for a well known hotel in the Quarter which is also where we live. I'd love to meet some people outside of work and would definately be up for a GTG. The only bummer is we don't have a car, so it'll have to be somewhere which is easy to get to from the French Quarter.


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