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Update on "Dummy Hubby's" broken foot

SO we went to the Orthopaedic Dr. yesterday and she said at least 4-6 more weeks of him on crutches!  This means he can't return to work (he is a capt on an oil transport ship for 3 weeks at a time up north) and no $ coming in except for my paycheck.  Luckily his exchange captain will stay on and then he can go and work for 6 weeks later on to make up for it.  We will probably have to take out a personal loan for this, and in the midst of saving for the obvious, NOT good timing.  Also, this means DH will be gone for the part of the pregnancy when I will need the most help (Big, fat and difficult to get around).  Ugh FML.  However, trying to have a positive attitude.....Huh?

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Re: Update on &amp;quot;Dummy Hubby's&amp;quot; broken foot

  • I'm sorry. I guess a broken foot never happens with good timing but this seems to be even worse timing.
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  • Ugh, I am so sorry that DH will have to be on crutches longer and will be gone when you need him the most during this pregnancy.  It always seems at the exact time you don't need anymore stress, life somehow decides that that is the perfect time to mess everything up.  Keeping you in my T&Ps!! 


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  • I'm so sorry :( That's a load of stress that you definitely do not need right now.
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  • That really sucks!  On the bright side it'll be peaceful to be without him during those weeks too. 

    Do you have any family or close friends nearby that could help you out if you need it?

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