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approaching my boss

I need advice from you lovely ladies. I mentioned last week about my possible promotion. As I said before, the only one who can stand in my way is my boss. Because I've been with the company less than 1 year, I cannot just randomly apply for a position. However, my boss can submit an exception and allow me to apply for it. If she doesnt, I cannot apply for this position. She seemed open to the idea and asked to talk about it when she got back from vacation.

On Monday afternoon, I approached her casually asking if she'd had a chance to read my email regarding my interest in the position and she said, "I've been really busy and haven't had a chance to think about it yet. I want to talk to you later after I've had a chance to think about it so we can talk intelligently. My first inkling is that you've not been with the company long enough. However, I know that position is a good fit for you and am trying to consider that as well. We'll talk later"

So my question for you is... when is later? She got back from vacae Monday... today is Wednesday... Im worried about waiting until next week to discuss it because a) I want to jump on this opportunity before it becomes a public posting and b) once the new year hits, we're going to be crazy busy here at work.

Ideas on when and how I should approach her again?

Me and Matt Dec 2010

Re: approaching my boss

  • I've never had to go through a current supervisor to apply for an internal position so I'm not sure what the etiquette would be. Perhaps you could send her a follow up email asking to schedule a time to meet and discuss the opportunity.
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  • Even though I understand the logistics of asking this week--and I've never been in this position--my gut reaction is that you should wait till next week. After all, your supervisor is the key-holder in this case so I would think the most important thing is to not piss her off by "nagging".
  • If you will see her at work on NYE, I'd ask to meet with her on Monday regarding the possibility. Hopefully she will talk then or make it a point to before end of day. Good luck!
  • Well, I ended up sending her an email to just let me know when she could be available so we could talk about it and she came to me yesterday afternoon and said, "got a minute? Lets talk!" The end result is that she spoke with her supervisor (who would be my future boss) and got permission to request an interview from HR. Now HR gets to make the final decision about whether or not I can apply. *fingers crossed*
    Me and Matt Dec 2010
  • That is awesome, Liz!!  I'm so excited for you!!
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