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Pet Ladies - Vent/Advice?


Re: Pet Ladies - Vent/Advice?

  • image DevonStiles:



    Oh Dawson... I feel like a teenager again watching you cry.

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  • By the way, Babymilka, I read your little thread on weddingbee.  If you even bothered to read my post, you'd see that my dog was doing fine with potty training.... until he had to be put on meds for EPILEPSY.

    Please provide all the information to your other board when you run off to them crying.

  • Seriously, ladies, I leave for like an hour to get some work down, and I come back to see all the drama has been drama'd out. A GBCN and a Dawson face, even. I miss all the good stuff.

    ETA: I'm sorry, Devon. This sounds like such a frustrating situation. I wish I could give some helpful advise. I can't, but I can definitely give you sympathy. and also drinks? Drinks

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  • image Lucille Bluth:
    image DevonStiles:

    Maybe he should just stop hitting the wine so hard.




    I love both these pictures!  I won't even comment on the hitting the dog for peeing thing, since ya know a dog can't really make the connection that they are getting hit because they peed and that just teaches them to fear you.   Wait, I guess I just kinda did comment.


  • Oh an sorry I have no good suggestion for you Devon.  Cabela was a PITA to fully potty train and we ended up being successful with a bell on the door for her to ring but I think you are way past that point.  Is there any possiblity that the peeing is a side effect of the meds he is taking?

  • OMG, I'm so glad I missed this. [insert shocked face here!!] Anyways, I agree with going back to the crate, even if it does suck.
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  • Devon, sorry that you are dealing with potty issues again. What med(s) is he on for the seizures?

    Geez, I missed out on a good one by not being on my phone today.

  • I can't believe I missed this...

     I don't have any real advice as I don't own a dog but when we had a family dog in the past I think we probably would have tried the crate solution. 

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