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Hello all!

I am kind of new to this! I used the knot to help me plan the wedding, which was in July, and I haven't really been using the nest to it's full potential. So hello! Derrick is 25 and I am 19, We live in Albuquerque and are both college students at UNM. We attend Sagebrush Community Church and we love it already! We are currently looking for a house to rent for the next few years, so if you know anybody that has a property for rent please let me know!

I look forward to getting to know all of you!  


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Re: Hello all!

  • Hi Alex!

    I'm kind of new too. I'm a big lurker but not a huge poster. This board isn't very busy. Guess there aren't too many nesties from New Mexico. Anyway,my name is Jessica. I'm 29, my hubby Mike is 33. We've been married for 3 months. We live in Rio Rancho and help friends of ours pastor a church in Los Alamos. We're renting a place now but will be buying our own place next year. I will keep my eye out for a rental for you guys. It's nice to meet you and hopefully, we can get more nesties to join this board! 

  • It's very nice to meet you Jessica! Thats awesome that you guys help pastor a church! Good luck with buying a house, and thank you for your willingness to help us :) That is a bummer that this board is so slow... I was hoping it would be busy. How long have you and your hubby lived in Rio? I've been here over a year and Derrick moved up six months after I did. We are still trying to learn the town. If you know of any great local restaurants please pass on the info! We cook a lot but have been wanting to find some local places!  
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  • We've both lived here since we were young. Both of us moved away then moved back. We're hoping to move to Denver within the next couple years. What made you guys come here? We cook a lot too, but we love eating out! Do you like sushi? I love (heart symbol) sushi is amazing! It's on San Mateo. Have you tried Five Guys burgers? Yum! O'neals Pub and Grill is good too!
  • That's really cool! And Denver is amazing! Good luck! We moved here for school. As far as sushi goes... we are kind of afraid of it, we tried some kind of roll one time and well lets just say it didn't go well. We want to try it again sometime but are in no hurry hehe. I've never even heard of Five Guys or O'neals, we will have to try them out soon! Thanks!
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  • Welcome!  We definitely are a small group, so the board is rather slow.  My name is Kate, and although I grew up in Abq, I now live in Portales, NM.  I'm a teacher, and DH is a small business owner.  My family still lives in Abq., so we drive up there on a pretty regular basis to visit them. 

    What are you studying in school?  There's a GTG planned for December if you're interested in meeting some of the NM nesties (most of whom live in Abq.).    

  • HI Kate! 

    I am an elementary ed. major doubling in Spanish, and DH is an engineer major. I would love to meet you all! Just let me know when and where :)

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  • Hi and welcome!

    Kate is right, we're a small group but there are some cool girls here!

    I'm Laura, and I moved here a little over a year ago from Phoenix. My SO and I live in ABQ and I work in non profit, SO is a Sales Manager. We love to entertain and eat out- and I agree with O'Neill's and 5 Guys being good. I also love St. Clair Winery in Old Town, Two Fools and Zinc in Nob Hill, and Fat Squirrel/Turtle Mountain in RR.

    Hope to meet you in person- we are trying to schedule a GTG for mid December.

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  • Sounds Great! Thanks for the recommendations Laura! A GTG sounds awesome!
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  • Howdy and welcome.

    We are a small, albeit friendly, group. Since we are spread all over - Los Alamos to RR to ABQ to Portales we don't get together a whole lot. But we do have lots of fun!

     I'm Susan and am the oldest on the board - 39 this month. I've been in ABQ since 1998. I work in Santa Fe as a geologist for teh state. DH is a bit younger asnd works for the Water Utility. I like to read and travel and garden. And eat and cook. 

  • Hi Susan! I am very excited to get to know you all!
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