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Biggest Loser *spoiler*

UGH! Can I just vent about how much Elizabeth bugs me and that her lazy butt has gotten her this far into the game?! I mean, I realize, keeping the weakest player helps improve your odds, but come on Ada, Patrick (and more than likely Frado)!

 I hope Patrick sees Mark's comments after he left and feels bad. Patrick, you're a sell-out. I had hopes that you would be able to rise above the game play. 


Okay, overly dramatic. Sorry. Just had to get that off of my chest. 

Re: Biggest Loser *spoiler*

  • OP, I agree with everything you said.

    I can't believe I have to suffer through another week of Elizabeth.  I just can't stand how whiny and how much of a martyr she is.  If they do another marathon we're going to have to watch her try to do it...

    I really liked Mark throughout the season and was disappointed to see him go home.  He looked so handsome when they showed what he looks like now.

  • I hated Mark, he drove me nuts.

    I loved Brendan and Ada. I really wanted them to be in there together. 


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  • I'm so happy Ada is still there! I don't think any other season that I have watched has had someone like Elizabeth skate through the whole season and end up in the final 4. I don't like her at all and it totally should have been Mark who stayed! Obviously Elizabeth won't win but she should have gone home WEEKS ago!
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  • Ada's story breaks my heart.  I feel terrible that she has no support from her family (at least from what the show protrayed).  I hope she wins it all!  I was disappointed that Patrick voted off Mark, Elizabeth really needed to go home a LONG time ago I guess it's game play because she cannot put up the numbers.
  • I can't stand that Elizabeth has made it this far, she annoys me. I was disappointed to see Brendan leave, I really liked him. I wish that Ada and Patrick would have voted out the weakest player, but oh well. I thought both Mark and Brendan looked amazing at the end. I hope one of them wins the at home prize.
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  • There's part of me that's so frustrated that Elizabeth is still there that hopes she sneaks in and wins the whole thing, just so they realize how dumb it's been to keep her around all this time.
  • This whole season really bothers me.  Usually I watch every week and really get into it and feel for the contestants.  This season just isn't doing it for me.  I don't know if it was with the game playing starting so early or what. 


    Elizabeth does drive me crazy.  Do you think that the other people kept her around because they really like her or do you think she has FINALLY realized that she is just being played the whole time?  



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