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This dog is gonna test my abilities

Background:  I have decided to take over the position of behavioral advisor at my clinic when the current vet in this position retires.  I have always been interested in behavior and am very excited about this.  Now, the "foster" dog we have is going to put all my abilities to the test.  His issues: timid, submissive urination, ADHD like acitivity patterns, humping, housetraining/marking problems.  I am neutering him tomorrow and that should help with the housetraining/marking problems.  Tonight I am getting some belly wraps for him (basically doggy diapers) to help with the marking until the testosterone leaves his system and the training begins to sink in.  I am giving him a week then will consider pharmaceutical intervention for his inability to concentrate.  We are also going to begin daily walks which hopefully will lead into runs once he is recovered from surgery and I build up my stamina.  That will help me as well.  I stepped on the scale 2 nights ago and it wasn't pretty.  I have hit my "maximum" number :(

Re: This dog is gonna test my abilities

  • I'm sure you'll do great with him =]
    Two souls but a single thought; Two hearts that beat as one image
  • That sounds like an exciting new opportunity at work! Congrats!! Foster clearly didn't know what he was getting himself into when he showed up at your house. But he'll be so much more comfortable and healthy once you start working with him!
  • Wow! I admire you. Poor doggie sounds like he really had a rough time of it before he landed in your home. At least he's in great hands now. Smile
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