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very frustrated mom right now!!! (rant)

i just don't know what to do with myself lately! i find myself SO short tempered with the boys and i just hate myself for it! there is just so much going on in our lives right now and the boys are growing so fast... i just feel like i can't catch up and to a perfectionist first born female all of this is just too much!!! i must regain control (as if i ever had it) :-)

am i the only one that feels this way? am i the only one that finds myself yelling at my kids cause i just want to put my make-up all at one time (or at all) so i can look nice when DH gets home for once??? am i the only one that feels bad when their DH comes home and does housework/cooks because you couldn't manage to get it done?

i feel like i should be able to do so much more with my time but at the same time i hate feeling like i am taking away precious time from my kids. but when i am with my kids all i can think about is all the stuff i want/need to be doing around the house!


i love my life i really do but it's seems like more times than not i find myself very frustrated because i want to do more but i also feel like i am doing all that i can!


Re: very frustrated mom right now!!! (rant)

  • I understand how you feel.  I have school two nights a week and all I can think about while I'm there is how I wish I was at home, but then when I'm at home all I can think about is how I really need to do all the laundry and dishes for DH and my schoolwork so I can do well.  I really just want to spend all my time with Audra - and DH. 

     I haven't figured out a solution to make me not feel this way.  I have to finish school.  I get so frustrated that I can't just spend all my time with my family. 

    People think it's so much better to be a SAHM or WAHM, but there's still the pressure of having all the chores done.  I'm so lucky I don't have to work, but I still don't get to spend all my time watching my little one grow up. 

  • i'm not feeling all the frustration, just yet, dd still naps a few times a day.  i just wanted to say i'm really sorry you feel that!  hopefully it will get better for you!
  • I totally get it. I think it's a natural tendency for women to want to do all and be all in every aspect of their life. It's been kind of hard for me to adjust to the fact that it will take me longer to do anything and to try to be okay with letting things go. It's an acquired skill I've decided but it's worth it to try hard to live in the moment and just enjoy how small Riley is. Accepting help is something that I'm getting really good at.
  • you are not alone! I feel the frustration.  I think being a mom is the hardest, most stressful job in the whole world!  There was an article in Parenting magazine this month about "Mommy Guilt"  It really made me feel like I am not the only one who feels guilty for doing laundry instead of playing with DS.  One thing it said was at the end of the day to think of 5 things you did that your kids loved.  Maybe that would help...
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  • So I've been contemplating your post for awhile, and last night, I feel like I could've written this post myself. I've been so stressed out over a variety of things (selling our house, selling our car, moving, health issues, relationship issues, etc.) and by the time DH got home last night, I was exhausted. I handed him the baby and I said, "I need a night out. Alone." ?He was like, "Well, maybe we could all take a walk outside together." I was like, "No. I need to be by myself, without the baby, I just need a break and a pedicure." ?And he was ok with it -- I went and got a pedicure and just chilled out. I didn't talk to anyone, I read fashion magazines, and it was heaven.

    ?Sometimes you just need a break. I loving being with my son more than anything,but like any job, sometime you need a day off, you know? ?And then when I came home, the kitchen was still a wreck, and I still had a ton to do. It was kinda discouraging, b/c I agree -- I feel like I'm on the cleaning/laundry/dirty diaper merry-go-round. It's hard.

    ?No advice, friend -- but just know that you're not alone. ??((hugs))

  • I have to agree that you're not alone.  I work full time and sometimes I feel like there is no way that I will ever catch up with the laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc.  I feel like I squander my time at home with my little guy by putting him down to play and doing chores.  I have the added stress of feeling like my house has to be perfect at all times as DHS will be doing a home study on us soon to evaluate us as a potential placement for a family member in foster care. 

     At the end of the day though, I know that my family is more important and if the clothes get washed and folded, but not put away, it'll be ok.  My son is 6 months old and I'm pretty sure he doesn't notice if the dishes aren't done Wink.

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