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TV show pet peeves-c'mon, you know you have them!


Re: TV show pet peeves-c'mon, you know you have them!

  • image derky17:
    image Nova726:

    It drives me nuts on Everybody Loves Raymond that the parents live across the street yet they're always walking in the back doors.


    My guess is that you may not be old enough to have any memory of this.  Ask your mom or grandma if they are around--they may give you a different answer.  My grandma lived on a street where everyone was always "popping in" and they all used the back/side doors too.  If your family grew up in Staten Island (my Grandma lived in Uniondale), then there might be some neighbors/neighborhoods that would still do this.  Just like the plastic on the furniture--front doors were for "company" and it was pretty typical in the NY suburbs "back in the day." 

    The more you know... Smile

    I actually lived within a few doors of my grandmother, my aunt, my uncle, and my best friend.  We used whatever door was closer, if we were in the backyard then we'd just walk next door into their backyard.  

    They do it on the show so they can walk straight into the scene. Marie, Frank and Robert use the front door too.

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  • image donnycornelius:
    image kizz11:

    i don't like it when a sitcom has reached the end of its run and the creators try to reinvigorate/reenergize the show by having the main couple have a kid (they did it on "roseanne" and "the fresh prince of bel air," to name a few). 

    i don't like the addition of a random character, especially a kid.  it's annoying, not cute.

    Growing Pains did that with that obnoxious little curly-haired kid.   It would have been one thing if they had a baby and the kid remained a baby/toddler for a while.  But the kid was born and the next season was a precocious (i.e. obnoxiously sassy) 5 year old little runt.   The show went way downhill after that. 

    That kid annoyed me too, but not as much as when The Cosby Show brought in Olivia to be the new Rudy when Rudy was an awkward teen and not so cute anymore.

    I think I was only 9 or 10 when that happened and it still annoyed me.  She was obnoxious and ruined the show for me.

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  • 1. Agreed on whomever the highest paid extra is = the bad guy. Last week that happened on Hawaii 5-0: oh look, it's Kevin Sorbo and a bunch of other guys. I wonder who did it?

    2. Unrealistic clothing for the environment, ie CSI Miami. Miami is frigging hot and steamy. Nobody is wearing pressed all-white suits or even full suits to work mostly outside, not even detectives. You would look like royal hell in under 5 minutes.

    3. Everything regarding pregnancy:
     - Finding a pregnancy test in the garbage and reading it. If it isn't a digital, it's no longer accurate by the time you found it.
     - Ditto pp about nobody knowing they missed their cycle until they pass out or vomit. Most people don't have those symptoms until at least 6 weeks.
     - Unrealistic bump sizes: their average full-term bump is about 5-6 months for most women.
     - The fact that everyone rushes to the hospital after the first contraction. You can have those for weeks, or at least many, many hours, and the hospital will just send you home.
     - When someone does IVF, they always say "implanted" instead of "transferred." Nobody can implant an embryo.

  • I hate when the picture of the outside of the house does not match the floor plan inside.

    Reality shows (Keeping up the Kardashins, Gene Simmons, etc) are so scripted that I can normally figure out the 'dilemma' and outcome within the first minute of the show.

    I notice bad editing.

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