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My GR winning strategy worked - Night Road by Kristin Hannah

I have been fretting that I haven't won a GR giveaway in a long time. But then I realized that every giveaway I enter seems to have only 1 or 2 copies to give away, and there are usually 1000+ people entering. So I decided to try to enter the giveaway for Night Road by Kristin Hannah, which had 200 copies to give away and I won. Yay! I'm very glad to know I haven't been blacklisted from GR wins like I was starting to suspect.

Anyone else win this one?


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Re: My GR winning strategy worked - Night Road by Kristin Hannah

  • I entered but no such luck. Darn. I was hoping with some many copies I'd have a better chance but guess not.
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  • I was hoping to win this one but my inbox was empty this morning:(    Of course, I am currently reading a past GR win so I'm not sure who likely I am to win anything until I get that book reviewed.
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  • Congrats!  I knew you couldn't be cursed and you would win sooner or later.
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  • I won this one too! I was thinking the same thing - maybe I'd actually win since there were so many copies being given out.
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  • image booneybear:
    Congrats!  I knew you couldn't be cursed and you would win sooner or later.

    I KNOW. Every time you posted another win I got SO SAD and thought for sure I had pissed off the GR higher powers. Yay!

    mumegs...I saw you on the winners list when I was scrolling through it! Big Smile

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    75 Books in 2015?

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  • I won ONE book about a year and a half ago and never read/reviewed it. Oops. Finally did, and I still doubt I'll ever win again. Boo on me!
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