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Project Runway-SPOILER

So I'm happy....happy that I now will have Thursday nights free forever as I will never watch this show again.  Gretchen over Mondo and Andy??? Really? 

Ugh-her clothes are beyond boring.  Her jewelery is fugly.  Mondo was robbed.  UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Re: Project Runway-SPOILER

  • image katmachine:
    I now will have Thursday nights free forever as I will never watch this show again.


    I'm ridiculously p!ssed about this.  

  • ha!  I had to go back and edit my post in the other thread so to not pissss anyone off.  Yeah. I don't like her...not at all.
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  • [email protected] No! Angry

     Gretchen should have been eliminated due to her attitude.  Plus, her clothing line was boring. Maybe I just don't know fashion. I'm over this show. Team Mondo!
  • I was literally screaming at the TV when Michael Kors said that Mondo's was a mirror image of Seth Aaron's from last year?  What, where, which piece?  And, ok, did he not notice that Gretchen totally 'attempted' to steal the pants that SA made last year.  I say attempted because come on they were horrible! (I'm talking about the pants with the leather on the inside of the thighs/crotch area).

    OMG-I would wear every piece of Mondo's collection and about half of Andy's but not even one piece of Gretchens.

    I wanted to climb thru my TV, smack Nina and Michael and hug sweet little Mondo.  

  • BTW the project runway facebook page is blowing UP with fans stating they will never watch the show again/Mondo was robbed, etc.

    Bye bye Project Runway, bye bye


  • image katmachine:

    BTW the project runway facebook page is blowing UP with fans stating they will never watch the show again/Mondo was robbed, etc.

    Bye bye Project Runway, bye bye


    ::logs into fb::


    Don't worry, I'm working on it.
    Get it on!
  • dupe

    Don't worry, I'm working on it.
    Get it on!
  • What.  The.  Frak. 

    If I never see Gretchen's horsey face, orange lipstick, whiny attitude, and awful fashions again it will be too soon.  Boo Project Runway!!  Boo!!!! 

  • So, let me sure I have this straight...you are all Team Mondo?

    Haha, just kidding.  I am also a big fan of his!  I thought Heidi's points were so spot on about this being a fashion show, not a RTW show.  I thought that Gretchen's pieces were, for the most part, nice if you are going for a nouveau hippie look (which is not really my style).  Mondo gave us more of his usual high fashion stuff, and I was all for him winning.

    That being said, I did think Gretchen mellowed throughout the season, and I couldn't hate her as much in the end.  Once she stopped being so b!tchy and started showing some emotion, I found her much easier to handle.  And I know that she was on her last dime, so I am a little bit happy for her, although I would have been happier for Mondo.

    I do have to say that I am now Heidi Klum's #1 fan...I SO appreciated how hard she fought for him! 

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  • Lurker here...

    DH and I both have said that PR is dead for us.  Picking Gretchen over Mondo?  I still can't believe it.

    I think all of Nina and Michael's talk of looking where fashion is going was a load.  No one liked the 70s, even in the 70s (says the woman who grew up in the 70s).  Let alone when they are "recreated" in boring patterns like Gretchen did. 

    My personal feeling is that Nina and Michael wanted a woman to win and since Gretchen was the only woman left, she was it. 

    I think there was 1 or maybe 2 pieces in her whole collection I would wear. 

    Mondo's was fab.  Loves the bubble bottom dress, loved the color block tunic, loved the polkadots, loved loved loved it.  And I am a very conservative dresser but I even I could see how some of his more bold pieces could fit into my wardrobe.

  • Eh, I don't agree with every judging decision they have ever made and I still watch.  I haven't agreed with every winner.

    I have not been much of a fan of Gretchen, and I had been pulling for Mondo towards the end, but last week I told DH that I didn't really care who won, but that I was puzzled by Gretchen's collection and was interested to see the the runway shows.

    I thought they were all really great shows,  but honestly, I could see why the judges had a hard time deciding, and I could see why they all felt the way that they did about who should win.   The collections and designers had very different pov that are both valid....just too different to easily compare.

    I also think that we lose a lot, seeing the garments on television.  I always think that when hearing red carpet reviews, and the dresses that I thought were horrible are gushed over....TV lighting/cameras really change what we see at home. Or seeing costumes from television on display...it's amazing how different they look in person.  You have to see them in person to see how they move, how they fit, details, color, etc, that just get lost in translation.



  • I'll continue to watch, but seriously - I have NEVER understood the appeal of Gretchens clothes.  I didn't like her line at all and I truly cant' beleive she won.  Or that it was even down to her and Mondo!

    I just don't get it.

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  • Mondo's clothes have already sold out on the SeenOn website. Gretchen has sold one look. To me, that says a lot about who should have won. I will watch PR again - I like the show in concept and execution too much - but I have never felt so disappointed in an outcome before. Mondo's perspective was clear from the beginning in a way that I hadn't seen before on the show and that alone should have won him the competition. 
  • I'm so surprised how Nina fought for Gretchen after last week calling her line "granola."  I am shocked.  Also shocked: how Heidi and Jessica's votes/opinions were outnumbered by Michael and Nina.  I am shocked.
  • Gretchen = vomit! I'm so pissed.
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