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WIJFR: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (no sp)

Not at all what I had expected, but I really enjoyed it. Can you tell me if the other books in the series are as good? I'm eager to read them if they are.


Re: WIJFR: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (no sp)

  • yeah, it wasn't what i expected either (i mean this in a good way).  the entire series was like a long episode of law and order svu with a dash of ikea, LOL! 

    i liked the girl who played with fire (the 2nd book) just as much, if not a little more, than the first book.  the girl who kicked the hornet's nest was okay, but definitely my least favorite.

  • After reading all three, I liked the first one the best.  The second one is good because it starts up right away.  The third one was hard for me to get through because they introduce 10-15 more people in the book which gets confusing. 

    I saw the Swedish versions of the first two movies, they were very good.

  • I thought the whole series was good and the second and third were easier reads than the first.
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    I thought the whole series was good and the second and third were easier reads than the first.



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  • The second and third are even better than the first! Keep reading them!


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  • I agree that the second two books were so much better than the first. IMHO, the first half of book #1 was a waste, and the next 2 books don't waste any time--you get right into the story. Book 2 was my favorite. Happy reading!

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  • I just finished this book last week as well and I'm eager to read the other two. Glad to hear they are good!

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  • I liked them all, and I guess I'm in the minority, since I think I liked the 3rd one the best.  The writing and storylines were excellent.  I'm sad I'm finished with the series.  

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