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Today I am a mom of 18 year olds...Sigh

Above is my blog and all the pics of the girls growing up.Well a few not all! Hard to believe I was 21 and having contractions getting wheeled into a surgical room just in case I had to have an emergency c-section. At 9:56 am I became a mom for the first time and at 10:04 am I became a mom all over agian.

You soon to be moms & moms already, these 18 years go faster than you think! It is one of the most frustrating, most rewarding & tiring things I have ever done. Thing is it never ends they are always your babies that are looking up at you needing you and knowing you will always be there for them.

I am offically the mother of 2 legal adults. Sigh WOW that is amazing!!

Have a great weekend girls!!!!

Re: Today I am a mom of 18 year olds...Sigh

  • Congrats on raising wonderful girls!
  • Happy Birthday to your girls! I find it unbelievable how quickly time has flown by. I can't imagine how it feels as a mother.
  • Pam your girls are beautiful! Happy 18th birthday!
    Two souls but a single thought; Two hearts that beat as one image
  • Wow, Im sure the 18 years has just flown by! Congrats, they are beautiful girls
  • What a great blog post! And happy birthday to all three of you! We'll be hanging out a week from now.  Hope to get to meet one or both of the twins!

  • Happy Birthday to your girls!!!
    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
  • Happy Birthday to them! If you get a chance for a question, what was the most difficult part of having twins and the best part of having twins??
  • Congrats Pam. Happy Birthday to your girls!
  • Happy Birthday to your BEAUTIFUL girls!  And congratulations to you Mama Pam!  I'm sure that you have done a wonderful job raising those two (and your third as well) And they will continue to become two gracious women!


    Lilypie First Birthday tickers
  • Happy Birthday to the girls!!!
  • image starchik9:
    Happy Birthday to them! If you get a chance for a question, what was the most difficult part of having twins and the best part of having twins??

    The most difficult part of having twins hmmmm I would have to say is the same as the best part. Watching to little ones achieve each step along the way. When they didn't have to be in incubators any longer. When they both said Momma, taking their first step. I got to do all of that 2 times within a matter of days of each other.

    Hard when they were little was the lack of sleep. When they first came home they only slept in 2 hour time frames.

    Hard now is starting to let go of them. But honestly you start letting go when they are little. The first day of kindergarten UGH!!! Now this is their first day of being "adults"

    All of it is the best and the worst. Just like with any child.

    Biggest regret. HAHA Dressing in a barney costume!!!

    Thank you ladies for all of your comments and well wishes and HRChick can't wait for next week!

  • Happy Birthday Girls!!!!!!

    Pam, congrats on surviving and raising two beautiful girls!

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