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Have you tried the new restaurant out uptown?
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Re: Houndbaby

  • not yet, are they open?
  • Yup, a couple weeks ago. I think we are trying it out tonight.
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  • Let me know how it is, we plan to try it out sometime
  • My ILs said they didn't have much variety but was pretty good food.
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  • Okay so my review of it. :)

    The service was SLOW! I mean we had reservations at 6:30 and we didn't end up getting out of there until 8:45. I am so glad I didn't take my kids. That would have been a nightmare.  The waitress just took forever to get things and she was not good at emptying the table of dirty glasses and plates.

    Then my mom and my sister each got a strawberry daquari. They came in 2 different size of glasses. We asked if there were 2 different sizes. She said no they are the same size as far as oz for oz just different shape of class. Uhm yea not. You could tell my looking. So when they were done drinking we put water in one and poured it into the other to test it out...not even close to being the same size. lol. So they need to get that figured out.

    The food was pretty good. I got a steak well done and it came out pretty burned. I just sucked it up and ate it bc it had already taken forever. But everybody elses food was REALLY good. (Boneless pork chops, turkey wrap, fish, filet mignon). Definately get baked potato or mashed potatoes loaded(or not loaded), just skip the fries. They are SUPER skinny fries and not very good.  But overall the food was excellent!!! And the prices were very reasonable. My steak (10oz) with 2 sides was $14.

     I expected it to be a bar"ish" type of restaurant (like Doc Holiday's was), but the menu is a little fancier then that. Well the whole atmosphere is I guess (waitresses wear nice white shirt with black dress pants).

    And my last complaint was that we made reservations for 8. Last minute we had someone else join us, so we didn't really have time to call. When we got there and sat and asked to have another table the hostess kind of made a big deal out of it and told us next time call. SO yea that was a turn off.

    But OVERALL I would say it's not bad. I won't hurry up there to eat again. I will let them work out all their little quirks and hopefully get a little better which I am sure they will since they haven't been open that long. We shall see though. :)

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