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Re: PSA: Recall: Hyland?s Teething Tablets

  • Thanks, mine were on there. I requested a free coupon. I don't need them anymore but hey, I will pass it on to someone that can use them. :o)
  • No problem. I didn't have these, but a friend let me know about the recall, so I wanted to share. Did these work good? A should be starting to teeth anyday now.. 1 yr old and no teeth, but I guess that is pretty common for a preemie.
  • I wonder if she will get them all at once. So you still have to do baby food? You will love when you can feed her table food! So much easier!

     IDK if they really worked? I just bought them to try and give relief if she needed it. I didn't want to rely on motrin/tylenol. Both the A's did fairly well with teething. A had a horrible time w/ her molars but A2 (the crabbiest baby ever) never had any issues. I thought for sure A2 would have a difficult time!

     I'll send you my coupon when I get it. :o)

  • Wouldn't doubt it - Belladonna (nightshade) is the active ingredient.  No thanks on giving my baby an oral med derived from a poisonous plant....

    That being said, I did try them with KP (until our pediatrician told me to d/c using them immediately when I told her I was trying them), and I don't htink they worked any better than Tylenol and Orajel.

  • Aww, thanks Kel.  I'll have to ask A's dr about them.  We are slowly moving into table food.  She hates stage 3 foods (gags), but loves to eat our food.  DH and I are really bad at cooking a meal, we need to hurry and fix that so A can eat more food with us.

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