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DC Nestie needs day trip ideas

Hello Ladies,

I was born/raised here in Toledo (went to Clay) but moved more than 15 years ago.  My whole family is still in the area.  I come home for the holidays every year.  This year we'll be home for a whole week for Thanksgiving.  Certainly we're going to be bored after a few days so I'm wondering if you guys have any ideas for a day trip we can take?  (me/my mom/DH/DD).  It's so pathetic that I can't think of any ideas on my own but things have changed so much since I have lived there.  The things I used to think were fun either don't exist anymore, or arent the same, and I just don't know enough about new opportunities. 

Last year we went up to Frankenmuth and that was a huge fail.  I love that place but DH (originally from the DC area) just did not "get it" and had a miserable time.  Is there anything else similar to that type of trip that we could do?  A few hrs drive, max, something DD would like (she's almost 4) something that would keep DH's interest, nice lunch or dinner option, during a week day.  We love sports, beers/microbrews, movies, historical interests. 

Thanks in advance!!!! Jenn

Re: DC Nestie needs day trip ideas

  • You could go to Cleveland for a day... it's only about 2 hours and they have the Rock and Roll HOF and the Great Lakes Science Center, plus the Football HOF is not too far and if you are going to both Rock & Roll and Football you can get them as a package so tickets are a bit cheaper.


    photo adc1b349-75aa-4c83-be65-c47ed9748932_zps1c624b1d.jpg
  • In Toledo, you could do the Zoo lights or imagination station. You could always make a day trip to Detroit, Columbus, Cincinnati or Cleveland. In Detroit you could go to Greenfield Village, in Cincinnati you could go to the History Museum or go down to Newport and go to the Aquarium and the Hofbrauhaus
  • Ann Arbor also has a hands on museum, and tons of good places to eat. I cannot believe that he didn't like Frankenmuth...that is my fave place to go. Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum are good options too. Check to see if there's a hockey game going on downtown Toledo at the Huntington Center, or any kind of special activities going on. The lights before Christmas is always fun. If you like Microbrews, there is a nice brewery in Milan Michigan, The Original Gravity Brewery...its really good, they serve only beers and some on tap sodas, and sandwiches. I love going up there.
  • Def see a Walleye Game at the Arena downtown!! Tix are $15 but every seat is good.  LO is less.  I think actually under 4 was might be under 2.


    The Blarney downtown, foods good but the atmosphere is great for late night parting.

    Maumee Bay Brewing Company, microbrew their own beer onsite.  Food is good.

    Swig, in Downtown Perrysburg.  Hot dogs and sausage.  EXCELLENT beer selections.  All craft large amount of taps.  good stuff!

    Ashley's, in Ann Arbor.  Food is bar type but the beers...they have 66 taps.  There is no such thing as Coors, Miller, or Bud on their taps.  it's awesome. 

    (I would go with Ashleys or Swig myself....then Maumee Bay, then Blarney.)

    There is also Table Fourty 4.  Across street from Blarney.  Good sandwhiches and a nice beer selection.


    have you checked out

    What about Ritter Planetarium?  their shows are really fun and I think your daughter would get a kick out of it.  They also take you up to the telescope and let you look out if the night is clear.  We took my BIL and SIL and we had a blast!

    The Holiday parade will be that weekend I think

    Try and get a City Paper when you get to town.  They are all over and free. They give TONS of events.  (their parent company Toledo Parent might have good event ideas too)  It comes out every other week. 

  • Have you ever been to the Toledo bar in DC?  I keep wanted to go.  My cousin and his wife live in the DC area and have told me it's a total dive but fun.
  • I HAVE been to the Toledo Bar here in DC.  I went once a long time ago, I'm not sure if that bar is still around.  It had Toledo Blade articles on the wall about Paula Pennypacker and all sorts of other fun Toledo things.  I need to check and see if it's still around.  jenn
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