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Anyone here have a Marine husband with MEU experience?

Experience with this at Camp Pendleton is even better.... how often during the work up period are they away from home?  Any general thoughts on your experience while your DH was with a MEU? Thanks.

Re: Anyone here have a Marine husband with MEU experience?

  • SO is in aviation and has been on a MEU. I assume you're asking about a grunt on a MEU, because flight hours are so strange in general, along with a ton of TADs, had we been together when he was preparing for it, the hours would not have been all that different.

    My general thoughts on MEUs are that they are really not a big deal. They suck in that they're separation, but in general, Australia, Hawaii, even Djibouti are not causes for concern for the Marine's safety. There are always rumors of cheating, especially in SE Asia, but if someone wants to cheat, they'll do it with or without a MEU. Oceanside is nearly as bad as Bangkok, IMHO.

    I think MEUs are great for junior enlisted service members. They give the kid a chance to 'see the world' without hitting Afghanistan right away. They get bonding experience with their brothers, and that's something if they're married and not living in the barracks, they might not get as much of, and should before a combat deployment. 

    I've seen a lot of military surprise homecomings. It wouldn't work on me. I always have my back to the corner and my face to the door. Looking for terrorists, criminals, various other threats, and husbands.
  • I'm a little late with this, but maybe you'll still see it.

     Dh was on a MEU right after we got married. The 6 months leading up to the actual deployment kind of sucked because he was basically home 2 weeks, gone 2 weeks, home 2 weeks, etc. It probably wouldn't have been so bad except I had just moved down to NC to join him and I didn't have my own life there yet. 

    The actual deployment was pretty stress-free. I  didn't have much of the worrying that usually accompanies tours in Iraq or Afghanistan because most of the places they visited wererelatively safe. They stopped in Italy, France, Turkey, Kenya, Bahrain, Kuwait and maybe some other places that I'm forgetting. He had a blast in Europe.  I got occasional phone calls and usually daily emails.  And they were gone almost exactly 6 months. Definitely could have been much worse.

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