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Another Teen Mom post. :)

I know someone already posted about Amber, but I just had to vent about this girl.

She is so out of control! She seriously needs some anger management classes. She was calling Gary "trash," but she was the one in his face, hitting him & calling him names right in front of Leah. I'm so glad he took her away from Amber. He should seriously call CPS because Leah doesn't need to be around that crap.

I also hate, hate, HATE, that she puts Leah in her crib when she doesn't want to deal with her. Urgghhh.

On a different note.. I felt super bad for Farrah. :(

Re: Another Teen Mom post. :)

  • I kept laughing at Farrah this entire episode. I couldn't help it. I found her to not be genuine at all.
  • Amber is not a good mom. I'm not a huge fan of Gary but he seems better emotionally to take care of Leah, who is super cute. Did you notice how when Gary took her out of her crib and held her she stopped crying? Maybe Amber should try holding her baby instead of yelling at her.

    I don't know why, but I do like Farrah. I'm glad she's connected with Sophia's father's family, I hope they continue to have a good relationship because that will be important to Sophia and like Derrek's sister said, Sophia is all that is left of Derrek. Sad :(


  • image PunkyBooster:
    I kept laughing at Farrah this entire episode. I couldn't help it. I found her to not be genuine at all.

    I was the opposite. I thought she acted very genuine when talking about Derek. :(

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