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How did you?


Re: How did you?

  • Roxy- adopted from local humane society.

    Molly- found her last July 4th weekend outside my sister's house. She was in horrible condition, so she went to the vet and stayed there for a week before coming home with us. She was only supposed to stay until I could find a rescue or adoptive home, but that never happened. Smile She is my princess.

  • M the corgi, came from some horse shoe people I knew(read BYB but didn't know better then).  I knew you didn't go to petstores but didn't understand good breeding, I was 20.

    B the cat we found outside my husbands work, no one ever claimed him, and he grew on me so he stayed.

    L my aussie, I looked for a rescue or adult breeder placement for 9ish months, after I lost my old girl who people were dumping and I took in.  I couldn't find a dog that i liked with the right build and drive in rescue, not to mention most of them flat out refused to adopt to me b/c of the raw feeding and minimal vac(my vet strongly disagrees with my choices).  I had posted on some of my list asking in anyone knew of a dog that would fit my needs, 2 days later I got an e-mail from a great breeder.  Weeks of e-mails an 9 hour drive each way to check her out, here we are.  I got 100x's the dog I was looking for and some great new friends and menotrs out of it.  The cherry on the sunday os she was already raw feed. 

    I have to say, I have been very fortunate that I haven't had any major health isssues with M(just crappy teeth), and he has the drive to do agility when I got interested in that.  Dodged a bullet even with my stupidness then.


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