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Sushi from Publix

I am just beginning to eat sushi and it has to be cooked. Hubby isn't a fan so he doesn't like to go to sushi places. I go once in awhile for girls night out but not nearly enough. So Publix sells it. I am a little afraid to eat it from there, have any of you eaten it?? TIA

Re: Sushi from Publix

  • A friend of mine gets it from there sometimes and we eat lunch together so I will eat some of hers.  It has always been good.  Nothing super special, but still tasty. 
  • I've eaten it from there, usually when i'm starving and grocery shopping at the same time.

    You can order sushi to go from most places, just a thought...

     Aren't you in Brandon? You should check out Tokai, take a menu home then you can just order to go, and pick up BBQ for DH while you're there lol. It's on 60 by home depot

  • No not in Brandon I am in St Pete. But I will look to take it out from some places. I have had it at Hiros in St Pete and it was good but the best was a place in Mt. Dora
  • I love Publix sushi. It's not like super special stuff, but it definitely curbs my cravings. And they have cooked and California rolls that are really good.
  • I don't eat sushi, but H does. He buys the Publix brand sometimes when I'm at work at he grocery shops on a Friday night. He says it's good and has never gotten sick from it or anything.
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  • I'm getting sushi from Publix tonight and while it's not the greatest sushi I've had it is quite good!(at least from our Publix)
  • I just can't do it.  The few times I've had it, it's been bland & the rice was super-sticky and the pieces stuck together which meant it's been sitting out in the cooler for who knows how long.  I eat out sushi once a week and to me I prefer it made to order.
  • It's pretty good but just your basic stuff. If you like all the crazy sauces and fried stuff I don't think they have that. They do have a yummy spicy mayo though! 
  • I don't eat sushi, but the Publix in Wesley Chapel has a whole little sushi area where the lady makes it. ?It looked REALLY good the other day. ?And although I don't eat it, I almost wanted to get some it looked so yummy.
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