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I have some stupid neighbors...

There's one street in my neighborhood where there are always lots of kids playing outside, all around 12 or younger. We always see a little boy outside playing with them who is probably 3, maybe 4 at the most. No adult supervision, no children over 12 keeping an eye on him. It just seems ridiculous to me to let your toddler go outside in the front yard/street and play without watching him. Yesterday, he was on his tricycle at the end of a driveway by himself, there weren't even other kids out there with him. And last week there was a boy that was still in diapers!! He was walking, so maybe he's somewhere between 1-2. He was just walking towards the end of a driveway while some kids that were probably around 8-10 were playing by the house. This is a pretty busy street since it leads to an exit/entrance to the neighborhood. I really, really hope nothing ever happens to them. It would be so easy for one of them to get hit by a car, or they could easily be kidnapped. I just don't get some parents. How could you just stay in your house while your baby is in the front yard playing, I would be so worried! I'm so worried about them and they're not even my kids!

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Re: I have some stupid neighbors...

  • If they were playing in the back yard, that'd be one thing - but in the front yard by themselves without any adult supervision? No way. Too much could happen.

    I'M worried about them, too - what parents let their young kids go out like that?!

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  • We have some neighbors like this at the corner of our street.  Luckily they don't have any really young children, but their kids who are probably 6ish and 8ish play in the street all the time.  Since they live right on the corner, anyone who turns onto the street wouldn't see them until they were about to hit them.  We know to expect them so we always take the corner at a crawl, but I always worry some day someone who doesn't live around here is going to turn the corner and hit one of their kids.  The kids will also just sit in the middle of the street and stare at you instead of moving onto the sidewalk or driveway.  There are never any adults or older kids out watching them.  It sucks when you have more concern for other people's children than they do. Sad

    ETA:  I think in your situation with the kid in diapers I'd be tempted to go pick the kid up and knock on the door and say, "I caught your kid about to wonder into the street. You're welcome."

  • image critti710:

    ETA:  I think in your situation with the kid in diapers I'd be tempted to go pick the kid up and knock on the door and say, "I caught your kid about to wonder into the street. You're welcome."

    This. Not to mention the many predators that live in our world... do they assume this little area is exempt? Huh?

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