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Cute idea or lame? (Christmas related, sorry!)

Ok, so I was going to do mostly homemade gifts this year for Christmas and then I had an idea. I need you girls to be completely honest with me and let me know if it's lame or not though, so please don't sugar coat it if you hate it or just not comment!

I'm thinking of making a "From Our Family to Yours" cookbook for my parents, S's parents, S's sister, and my grandparents (they love cooking). Basically, I'll collect family recipes or favorite recipes from everyone without them knowing why (I'll just say I'm making a list of favorites to make for S when he gets back or just that I want them for my collection) and then send them out for Christmas. The books are $20-$40/person, so I could do that plus one or two SMALL gifts for them also (like make it a gift basket type of deal with a handmade rub mix and BBQ sauce). I think it's a really cute idea, I would just need to collect the recipes.

So, what do you think? Lame? Cool? Better idea?


Re: Cute idea or lame? (Christmas related, sorry!)

  • I really love that idea. I would love to get a cookbook for Christmas and the fact that it's family recipes gives it even more meaning.
  • I love to get cookbooks so I think it is a great idea! Honestly I think the cookbook would be plenty!

    Nevermind I didn't read that correctly. I thought you were sending it out to family and friends. One of the best gives I got at my bridal shower was a recipe box and the dry ingredients for one of the recipes!

  • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! My cousin did this one year and it is the best cookbook any of us have. We no longer have to call Grandma or Aunt Whoever to get XYZ recipe. It's seriously the best!!
  • That is a great idea, I think they will love it.
  • I know someone doing this for her family.  Great idea!
    I don't want to be on MSNBC, yo.
  • image Erin2903:
    I really love that idea. I would love to get a cookbook for Christmas and the fact that it's family recipes gives it even more meaning.


    True story, after we got married, our first Christmas, I got at least 4 cookbooks from family. LOL.

  • I think it's absolutely adorable!

  •  I love this idea! Cook books are the best
  • Thanks girls! I'm glad I'm not just thinking it's going to be better than it will. For anyone interested, I'm using this site. I received a couple of recipes at my bridal shower, but I think having a family book is kind of great personally. Plus, that site has books that are almost binderlike so you can add more as you go so as time goes on I can pass more down to our kids, ect.
  • Love love love.  And being able to add more as time goes by is awesome.  That way you don't have little recipe cards and notebook scraps hiding between the pages off all your cookbooks. 
  • I think the cookbook is a great idea.  I am doing that for my sister's.  Also shutterfly has a program where you can make it.
  • I love it... my mom did that for christmas and I use it all the time. Now I add all of the recipes I get off the internet to the binder (including my favorite pot roast)... one day when my kids need "Mom's Pot Roast" they'll find out it wasn't really mine at all.
  • I love this idea.  J's family did something similar for us, althought it was an electronic version through a program called Accuchef. 
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  • I think its really cute.  I like how they included pictures in the examples, but are those things you submit to them? (ie you have to cook each of these recipes and photograph first) or do they just include a pic of something close?

    I love cookbooks with pictures, I think its awesome it has that option though :)  I call my mom all the time for recipes, I should give her that site and tell her thats what I want! 

  • my best friend made us a cookbook of her family recipes for our wedding gift.  it was an amazing thoughtful gift.  i think she just typed it up on her computer and added clip art, then had it laminated and bound at kinko's.  

    maybe you could give it with potholder sets from dollar tree or something.  it's cheaper and easier than spices when you've already done all that work on the cookbooks. :P 

  • I'm doing this with my family, but also adding in pictures of me and the family in the kitchen cooking it or at the dinner table enjoying it. I'm almost done with mine!
  • I'm late but I think this is a fantastic idea!
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