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Unemployed and pregnant= bored!

Hey all!  I just started goofing around on here and The Bump.  I'm a laid off teacher and 20weeks pregnant with my first.  I try to find things to do around the house, but I'm just so bored!  Just found out we're having a boy today so I suppose I can do some shopping, but that kind of leads back to the strapped for cash part.  Any ideas of things to do during the day to keep the boredom at bay?  Hey, that rhymed!  Hehe!
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Re: Unemployed and pregnant= bored!

  • Go walking at the nearest mall? Lots of walking is supposed to help with an easier labor. Where do you live?
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  • Lucky you!  Once you have your baby, you will NEVER be bored. :)

    I'd be reading tons of books, taking lots of naps, getting the house organized/decluttered/cleaned, making a quilt (or other handmade items) for the baby, enjoying my hobbies, watching movies, going for walks, going to cultural events, etc.  I had about 5 weeks of leisure time before my first was born, and let me tell you that it was amazing.  Enjoy your time off!  

    ETA - So sorry you got laid off. :( 

  • Riverside.  I have spent some time at the mall, just walking around by yourself can be a bummer sometimes when you aren't actually shopping though.
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  • How about taking a class at RCC for fun- like ceramics or something like that?  

    For extra money I write how-to articles on DemandStudios - I made about $100 extra last month from just residuals!  Definitely a good way to kill some time and make a little extra $ in the meantime.

    How is your nursery coming along? When are you due?!

    Don't worry about tomorrow. After all, today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. Take each day as it at a time. Midnight Baking Adventures Blog
  • Here are a couple of things I wish I did before I had little C ...


    Make good use of the daytime prenatal yoga classes

    Join the local Stroller Strides/Baby Boot Camp.  Many offer classes for pregnant women to get in shape before baby.

    If you are planning to breastfeed, start going to La Leche League meetings NOW.  You'll form relationships with other mamas who will be an invaluable group of support in the early weeks of BFing.

    Walk. Walk. Walk.  Not in a mall.  Outside.  Enjoy being outside.  Take in the sounds around you. Start to look at everything you normally take for granted in your area a bit differently.  Walk to the nearest park - figure out how long it takes so you know where you can go with baby/toddler.  Plan out walking routes for you, hubby and baby.


    Enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy!



  • My hubby just finished painting the nursery and still has to do some touching up before I'm allowed to start decorating.  I'm due in early January so no hurry really.  Just trying to stay cool right now as mother nature makes a last stab at summertime!
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