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I love dogs, but...

My sister asked me to watch her dachshund while she is out of town.  We've had him for 4 days, and there are 3 more to go.  It is driving me crazy!  He is not at all easy or well trained and he's not a puppy, so no excuses!

Examples: Sometimes goes to the bathroom outside, sometimes Sh!ts on my carpet.  Tries to lift leg on my dogs bed (had to be put up where the dog can't get to it).  Barks or whines almost constantly (maybe not constantly, but for a few minutes straight with maybe a 10-15 breaks of silence) for no apparent reason.  Has to sleep in kennel because of not being fully housebroken, which means whining and barking all night long.  Also, chews things up constantly.

I know that boarding a dog is expensive, and I am happy to help her, but seriously this dog is not easy to love or even like for that matter.  I know the fault lies with my sister for not being a good doggy mom and training him, but it doesn't make any more lovable. 

I watch my friends dog 4-7 days at a time, 3 or 4 times a year, and she is wonderful.  Whenever we have her we think we should get a second dog.


Re: I love dogs, but...

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