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And a Veronica update...

we're almost a month out from her bilateral ear ablation (basically, she had both ear canals completely removed).  I'm kicking myself for not even considering this surgery earlier.  She's the dog she was five years ago - she's still a b!tch (surgery can't change everything...) but she's spunky.  She's playing with toys and the other dogs.  And she lets Sarah touch her head. 

She'll be starting back to daycare in the next couple of weeks - she hasn't been in three YEARS because she'd bite any dog that touched her.  She's back at flyball practice - we're having some problems with her dropping the ball.  Not sure if it's related to the possible nerve damage that still makes her eating a bit wonky or if she's just out of practice.  I'd originally pulled her from our September tournament but we had one spot open for an alternate dog on one of our piss poor teams.  I can run her if I want to and no one on that team will care if we get points or not.  It should be interesting.

The only down side is that we got our first Care Credit bill today.  Blech.  But boy I'm glad we had that option available!

ETA:  she responds to loud voices, the other dogs barking, doors slamming, etc.  We're not sure if she's actually HEARING those things or if she's FEELING the vibrations.  She's pretty unresponsive to normal household noises, average voices, etc now.  But, she's also unresponsive to thunder which used to send her thru the roof.  Not necessarily a bad thing!



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Re: And a Veronica update...

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