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Back from the vet, update on the stray kitten I found.

Her tail needs to be removed.  He says her leg can stay although she probably won't use it much.  He is worried about her having potty issues though which is awful news to me!  He poked her anus and she should have tried to tighten up her hole but she did not.  He wants to wait until we do the spay at 16 weeks to do tail removal but I want to do it sooner.  I can't have her walking around my house with poo all over her tail because she drags it through the litterbox after she uses it.  I want to start socializing her with my cats although I can't do that for at least one more week because of her upper respiratory infection.  She is still being cared for by a friend because she has the time and space to keep her quarentined.  I got to spend a lot of time with her this afternoon and evening and I am head over heels in love with her.  She is so darn sweet!  I will post pics very soon.

Re: Back from the vet, update on the stray kitten I found.

  • Aww poor thing. They can't do the spay any sooner?
  • image MrsD2006:
    Aww poor thing. They can't do the spay any sooner?

    Ideally they would wait until around 16 weeks to do a spay but he said on occasion they have done them sooner but I want her to have her tail removed within the next few weeks and she is about 9 weeks old right now.

  • Poor sweet baby.  I am so glad you found her.
  • Awwww!  I am so glad you found her.
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  • Late post here, but just wanted to say I'm so sorry for all this little kitten is going through.  I've been following your updates about her, and I really hope she just bounces back from all this and lives a full and happy life.  She's so young, that she has a good chance I'm sure.  Sending lots of T&P's though about the potty issue - - I really hope that's something temporary and perhaps in removing the tail they might be able to alleviate any nerve damage that affected that area too?
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