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Pup gets overexcited with visitors.

How do we combat this? We make her sit, but as soon as we let go of her collar she jumps. Being she's a lab mix, she's only going to get bigger and I want to nip this in the bud now.
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Re: Pup gets overexcited with visitors.

  • Work on getting her to sit-stay one a regular basis with or without visitors.  And, you could have friends/family come over at a planned time to practice: have them knock on the door/ring the doorbell to practice her sit-stay with visitors until she gets it.  Eventually it should get to where your visitors come in, then you release her and she doesn't jump.  Practice makes perfect!
  • Leash her before visitors arrive. When she greets them, you can step on the leash she doesn't jump up at them. Having her on a leash makes training a little easier as well to do what PP mentioned about having her do a sit-stay. You could also train her how to "go to her mat" when she hears a knock at the door or company arrive.

    We also keep super high value treats (bully sticks, cheese, frozen bones) available so the dogs are distracted by treats when guests are over, but we have found that leashing them works the best to help us control their overexcitement.

  • Tell your guests to turn their back to her when she jumps.  Don't give attention until she's calm and sitting.  If she jumps as they're leaning down to pet her, turn their back and repeat.  Make sure she's not jumping on you either at home when she gets excited.  By having a no-jumping policy for everybody, guests and family members, she'll eventually get it.


  • How do you greet your dog when you come home? You should ignore (no eyecontact, no petting, no talking) until the dog is completely calm. This sets the stage for visitors - which are infinitely more exciting that you are.

    Then for visitors you can train your dog to "go to mat" when visitors come and make her stay there until she is calm. Or you can put her in a bedroom or bathroom when visitors come and make her stay there for a while. Also, you need to instruct visitors to ignore until she is calm. Be sure to praise for good, calm greetings.

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