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Lucky is a harsh dog-trainer :-P

Dixie has an annoying new habit of shoving her toys under furniture (on purpose), and trying to get us to go fish them out. We've been trying to ignore her when she does that, but she usually paces around and points until we do something.

So, she just shoved her ball under the side table, and my DH told her twice to "leave it." Right on the second "leave it," Lucky (who was sitting on the side table) just slapped her upside the head. She tried poking her nose under the table again and he pulled his paw back threatening to slap her again.

Normally, I don't condone anyone hitting my pets, but when the cat's the one doing the slapping, you have to admit, it's a little bit funny. Stick out tongue

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Re: Lucky is a harsh dog-trainer :-P

  • that's hilarious
    A Spring Day on the Katy Trail
  • LOL! That is funny!!
  • He is a harsh dog trainer. lol


    I've never been around cats much, but one day I was at my cousin's house, and I noticed that one cat was asleep on the sofa.  When the other cat walked by, the one on the sofa reached over the side of the sofa, smacked the other one on top of the head, then laid back down.  The one who got smacked just looked around, very confused about what had just happened, but he walked around the sofa again and the same thing happened.  He had no clue what was going on.   It was hilarious.

  • lol!
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  • LOL! That's too funny!
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