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For those that bell train

What's the proper response when your dog rings the bell less than 5 minutes after going out (during which trip they went to the bathroom)?

Re: For those that bell train

  • Ace goes into the backyard off leash, so when he pulls that trick I leash him up. When he starts to get distracted, I hurry him back in the house.

    If possible, I distract him from getting to the bells. 

  • ::Lurker coming out of hiding::

    We have our youngest bell trained.  He LOVES to ring the bell just moments after we let him in.  What I do is let him wait about a minute.  He'll stand there and stare at the bell.  If he really needs to go, he'll ring or act agitated or whine.  If he doesn't need to, he'll stand there and wag his tail.

    I basically judge the situation based on his reactions.  But I don't immediately jump up, I stay where I am and watch him to assess. 


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  • I take them out and if they start to play or hunt rocks (Jehzara is really the only bell ringer), we make them come back in.  Rinse, repeat.  Eventually they get the idea and quit abusing the bells.
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