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So, I was religious about bringing lunch at my last job.  Partially because we were saving for the wedding and also to be healthier.  Since I started my new job, I have been HORRIBLE.  We have a Whole Foods a mile away and it is AWESOME, and I go all the time. 

Anyhow, I've been at my job for 2.5 months now and i'm wasting so much money and eating too much.  SO, today is day one of DON"T GO TO WHOLE FOODS!  LOL.

I brought breakfast and lunch and did not leave the building.  I feel pretty accomplished for the day. 

Sad/sick fact... I was/am spending about $30-50 a week between breakfast, lunch and snacks.  My hope is that I can save that money and shop for house stuff instead!

Re: Lunch

  • You can do it!! I bring my lunch most days, although I do have to work hard restrain myself from the yummy pita place with great hummus next door.

    I've been trying to be more creative with the food I pack to keep things more interesting. Lately I'll have some baked beans along with my sandwich - super easy to heat up in the microwave.

  • Seriously, we save so much money bringing our lunch to work & eating breakfast at home (well Ted eats his at work, but he takes it from home). Even if we try to be frugal and eat someplace for really cheap - like those $2 deals at Taco Bell - that's still $2 we didn't need to spend (multiplied my 5 days a week) and it's like the crappiest food ever. I can feel like a turd all on my own, thank you very much. LOL.

    I've heard such good things about Whole Foods. Makes me very happy there isn't one anywhere near me. 

  • Yeah, I used to work next door to a Whole Foods. Between breakfast, lunch, snacks and coffee/Jamba juice I don't even want to know what I spent in that place.
  • I totally know the feeling. I heart Whole Foods! I used to go there all the time, but since my job moved locations, there isn't one by me.  Which turned out to be a huge money saver.
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