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My 30 day test....

So, I'm going to try this...Ive always been pretty thin because I was in every sport imaginable through out school and college and I'm 6ft tall so even if I did put on weight it wasnt very noticable.. So, I would eat just about anything. Well...its catching up to for the next 30 days I'm cutting out fried, sugary, and processed foods. I'm also going to cut back on the caffeine....I can't cut it out cold turkey or my mug shot will be on the news. I'm going to amp up the workouts and hopefully when I take all my measurements again in a month there will be a change. Wish  me luck!

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Re: My 30 day test....

  • Good luck!

    Matt and I signed up for a 5k on Labor Day, so we've both been running more again so we're ready for that. I'm still nowhere near as fit as I ought to be, but I can't believe how much he's slimmed down in the last month or so!

  • Good luck! My diet starts on Monday! hehe

    I know you are a couple of years younger then me. I was about your age when my metabolism slowed down. I gained 13 pounds in 9 months (I was completely underweight beforehand.)  


    But if you are athletic and take care of yourself I would think you would be fine. When I started working out and eating healthier (I used to eat fast food multiple times a week) I lost 10 of those pounds. 


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  • Good luck!!

    I've always been overweight for my height (though never obese), simply because I like to eat and can't control my portion sizes.  I did get what I call "the fat gene" from my dad, because while my 2 sisters are pretty thin naturally, I've always had weight problems.  Adam is also overweight.  It is our goal to not let our children grow up with our problems.  We just need to lose a little weight first.  I definitely gained 40 pounds the first year and a half of my relationship with Adam.

    Holy sh!t I just REALLY read what I just wrote.  40 lbs in 18 months.  Wow.  Embarrassed


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  • Good Luck! I wish I could do that, but if I do then nobody would want to be around me. I can only do one at a time.
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  • good luck!!!!!!!!!! you're stronger than i am! I just need to start exercising again... i put it on the backburner since we moved. fail.
  • Good luck! I'm trying to eat healthier and exercise more. I've been cutting down on greasy foods and such lately and it showed last night. I tend to let go on the weekends (bad, I know) and I paid for it. My stomach was killing me after eating some of a greasy frozen pizza. I haven't gained anymore weight recently, but I haven't lost either. I'm hoping to change that soon.
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  • Man we bought a treadmill three months ago and I've been running at least 3 days a week since then AND eating less, and I swear to god it isn't doing anything and I'm getting so frustrated!! Now I'm trying to up it to running outside 5 days a week for an hour (I started out only doing half an hour) and I won't worry too much about calories or how much I eat as long as I eat really healthy things. I wanna lose 15 pounds by December for snowboarding! and looking good in the hot tub lol
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