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No one is courteous these days (long rant!)

So I'm not currently at that stage where I feel like I'm pregnant so everyone should wait hand and foot on me and I doubt I'll get to that stage! I can manage things, so I do them, it's not a disease, but there are some things I just think are common practice when you see pregnant women.

Yesterday I went to San Francisco to a friend's bridal shower. I took the transit in and then had to catch a trolley to go the 2 miles to the shower place. I got on the trolley and it was completely packed. No seats, people standing everywhere and you had to hold on to one of those straps at the top of the bus - when you're short, it's not easy to grab those, let alone when you have 4lbs of baby on your front!

Well, it shocked me that absolutely NO ONE offered me their seat. Here I am, a 7 months pregnant woman, holding a big bag, and a gift in the other hand and I'm trying to hold on for dear life while the trolley is jerking around. Again, whatever, I was fine, but it shocked me that nobody even offered! Then, at one point, the trolley cleared out a bit and a seat opened up in front of me so I grabbed it. Well, this other girl was clearly heading for it and gave me the most evil looks when I sat down. It's not like I'm not obviously pregnant!!

Am I abnormal for thinking this is just a courteous thing that people do? Arek always gives up his seat for elderly, disabled and pregnant women and I have before too!

Re: No one is courteous these days (long rant!)

  • I really don't think people are taught these days to be courteous. I have let people go in front of me at the grocery store if they just have a few items, because usually I shop every 2 weeks.

    I noticed that a lot of people are not courteous these days like cutting you off in traffic, not letting you over when you didn't know the road ended, etc.


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  • I agree, I always let people in front of me if they have a few items and I have a whole cart full and sometimes they act so surprised that I would offer such a thing!
  • I agree, Caroline...someone should've offered you their seat. Even if you were "fine" standing, it's just the principal of the thing. 
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  • People are seriously so rude these days!  I was raised to respect your elders, hold the door for people, and if I see a elderly person or anyone struggling I help.  People today dont care, and it bugs that crap out of me.  If I had seen you, I definitely would have given up my seat on the train (and have many times before to others in need).

    Its sad really, and will probably only get worse.  The youth today are ridiculous (oh my I sound old!).

  • If you lived in the South, it wouldnt have gone down like that ;) jk, actually there are many rude southerners too!

    in my college town, i rode the bus that brought us to campus and it always made my heart melt when the boys would get up for girls to be able to sit. so courteous and sweet.

  • Caroline when i was pg the same thing used to happen to me no one was kind enough to hold open a door or give up a seat.  people in general are just rude.  i always hold the door open for people if they don't say thank you i scream you're welcome! it just pisses me off!
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