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Help me!

Ok I am aware that I am a complete loserface.  And that you're sick of hearing about my thank you notes.  But as much as I know they're super important and I love getting them, I have awful writers block when it comes to some less-than-fantastic gifts.  How do I say thank you for placemats??

Backstory: gift from a friend of my mom, who I don't know, who wasn't at the wedding.  Placemats.  Perfectly functional, the solid kind that are made of cork or whatever and then painted.  With seagulls.    They don't match any of our decor, so they aren't on display when they aren't in use.  Since they're hard and flat, they're actually pretty decent to use when eating in front of the tv.  What can I say about them that sounds genuine? 

I guess my big problem is that I want people to know that I am appreciative (which I am!) but I don't want to sound over the top.  I think I have a tendency towards over the top.  Whenever I write an email, I have to go back over it and delete at least half of the exclamation marks.  Help me, please!

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Re: Help me!

  • Dear Aunt May,

    Thank you so much for the lovely wedding gift. The placemats were very thoughtful of you, and we use them often. We really appreciate it!

    Love (or Thanks again!),

    Jehawley & HH

  • image Kelly5110:

    Dear Aunt May,

    Thank you so much for the lovely wedding gift. The placemats were very thoughtful of you, and we use them often. We really appreciate it!

    Love (or Thanks again!),

    Jehawley & HH

    exactly this

  • totally appropriate to lie in thank you cards.

    "Thanks so much. We love the placemats. They are so beautiful/ functional."

     Or whatever.

  • Thank you Kelly!  I am totally using that.
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  • OR! Dear so and so, Thank you for the placemats, but seriously, what were you thinking? 

    Sincerely, (your names) 



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  • Haha Stephers!  But in all seriousness, the place mats are fine.  They ARE functional, and even with the seagulls they aren't hideous or anything.  And it's the thought that counts...I mean, the fact that these people sent us a gift when we don't even know them, and they aren't coming to the wedding, is a really nice gesture.  (My mom knows them from church).  My problem is that my natural inclination is to either write something along the lines of

    "Thank you for such amazing placemats!  They are so fantastic, and we love them so much!  We use them every day and I can't believe I ever lived without placemats as wonderful as this!  Thank you so much for being such a great person!" 


    "I use your placemats every time I eat in front of the television with my husband, instead of at the dinner table.  We do this every single night because it means that we get to watch repeat episodes of Family Guy instead of having a conversation.  So your placemats get a lot of use.  Thanks."

    I really needed to find a good balance between the two, and I think I found that here.  So thanks ladies!  :D

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  • Adam LOVES family guy!!  We watch it while eating dinner too. haha

    I agree with Kelly....I think that's an in between your two notes.


    <3 <3 "You know my name, not my story.
    You've heard what I've done, not what I've been through.
    If you were in my shoes, you'd fall the first step." <3 <3

  • I actually got placemats from a few people at the wedding.. Here's what I wrote!

     Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones,

     Thank you for sharing our special day with us.  We loved catching up with you, and having you there to celebrate our marriage. Thank you for the placemats as well!  We really love them and have enjoyed using them for dinner several times already.  We hope to see you again soon.  Thank you for everything.



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  • We heart Family Guy.
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