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Green Hills Natural Health?

Anyone go here in the past or know ANYTHING (good or bad) about them? I am strongly considering acupuncture/herbs with him.... seems super reputable and has credentials, I like personal experience :)

Re: Green Hills Natural Health?

  • My boss goes there for acupuncture...she started going before her IVF cycle on a recommendation from Dr. Hill at NFC and she has continued to go (is due at the end of January).  She is certain the acupuncture made a difference in the IVF working and continues to go for the stress relief.

     What did you decide to do about your insurance coverage at NFC?  I would call Aetna about gap insurance or consider going to NFC anyways and getting reimbursed by Aetna.  Like I said before you have to file the claims yourself, but they are required by law to reimburse you within thirty days.  Also do you have IUI/IVF coverage where they will pay for the procedures or just for testing?  If it only covers the testing and not going to cover the procedures anyways, you will likely find little cost difference between going to NFC and paying out of pocket but being reinbursed by Aetna and going somewhere else.

    I am sure all of this is little help!  My neighbor had TTTC for nearly 3 years but got pregnant with her first with a doc at Vandy (did shots and an IUI) but decided to go to NFC for her 2nd and is pregnant again.  Maybe its the same doctor that was mentioned in the other post?  I will get her name and let you know.

  • Thank you very much for all the info and for helping me so much! I really appreciate it. 

    I am happy to know that the acupuncture place is recommended by NFC and your friend so either way I think I'll go once and see what they say. 

    I am going to have DH call Aetna (would that be right, call Aetna themselves, tell them what is going on and work out a plan?) and see if we can't figure this out b/c NFC sounds like where I need to be.  I don't want to go to the other center and the Dr. who was recommended as an ob/gyn has a waiting list until Jan.  I have an appointment then, but if I could figure this out in the meantime and end up at NFC afterall, that'd be the best situation. 

    I wonder if NFC would "bill me" and then I could pay them when Aetna reimburses me so we're not having to "loan out" a whole bunch of money which we really can't do....

  • I have heard good things about this place. I ended up getting acupuncture in Chattanooga from a Japanese Acupuncturist. I prefer the Japanese method over the traditional Chinese method. I learned a lot about this while I was stationed in Japan. Just for information, the Japanese method is based on teachings from Dr. Manaka. They use more acupuncture points which will stimulate your systems more.

    Acupuncture can be expensive. I love it, but I can't do it as often as I need & insurance does not recognize it as a legitimate treatment. I am not sure how it works with your issue....like how many times you should go, etc... but I definately recommend it. Just try & get used to needles! :D?

  • I went to Steve during my last FET cycle. He was great to work with and very familiar with infertility.  That said, I didn't really like acupuncture and I really just don't believe it was beneficial to me.  But that's not to say that it wouldn't be helpful to you.
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