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doggy wont eat...... this is very upsetting

my pup rudy wont eat. he is 1 yr old and he goes thru these weird phases where he just wont touch his food! sometimes he will go days just picking at whats in his bowl. i get so worried that he is not getting enough to eat. DH says "if he's hungry he'll eat" and that the dog wont starve, but im still concerned. this week we decided to take him off his Eukenuba puppy food since he is a big boy now, and try out the Eukenuba Adult small breed small bites food. (rudy is a cross between a pug and a min pin) the pellets are only slightly larger than the puppy food, but he has had the same almost full bowl of food for 2 days! should i be starting to worry about this? DH is getting frustrated with my worrying, but i feel it might be justified. in fact, if the food isnt gone but end of day tomorrow, i might be making a call to the vet! am i over reacting? GAHHHH!!!!!!

Re: doggy wont eat...... this is very upsetting

  • 1. Eukanuba isn't a great food - check out for some better options. I'd suggest a 4 star food or higher. Feeding a higher quality food will improve his overall health, and you'll have to feed less quantity since there aren't fillers like there are in Eukanuba.

    2. We don't free feed our dogs - meaning, they don't get to eat whenever they feel like it. We feed twice a day and if they don't eat it in 20 minutes, it gets picked up until the next meal time. After a day or so of this, your dog should pick up that he needs to eat when given the opportunity!


    Reading that, I'd say your dog is smart.

    Eukanuba is . . . not very nutrition-ful. (if that's a word). Try something in the 4- to 6-star range. While those foods are a bit more expensive up-front, your dog will eat less (since it's more nutritionally dense), and the bag will last longer. 

  • nitalnital member
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    you're overreacting. he's being offered food, and he's choosing not to eat it.  fussing and giving him attention for not eating may contribute to him not eating.  offer him food for 10 minutes, twice a day.  if he hasn't started eating by 10 minutes, take it away.  you can add warm water, or canned food to make it more enticing.

    now, having said that, did he stop eating after you switched him?  did you do a cold switch?  sometimes dogs don't do well with cold switches. 

    also, are you still giving him treats?  he may be holding out for something better than kibble if you are.  no treats if he doesn't eat his kibble.

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  • My GSD mix is a pain in the butt when it comes to eating.  we started her on iams but after a short time here i quickly learned that iams is crap.  (iams btw is the same company as eukanuba which is also crap) we switched her to Innova which is a much better quality food. 

    At meal time I put her dish down.  If she stops eating I count to 5 and if she does not start eating again her dish is picked up and she gets nothing until her next meal time. 

    One of the ladies here suggested this site  and it was a life saver. 

    [IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

  • Ditto all of the previous posters on the:

    changing the food to something that's higher quality

    don't free feed, have set food times

    don't do a hard switch

    don't give out treats unless meals have been eaten

    don't baby

    And ditto your husband on the whole "The dog won't starve itself" comment, because he is right.  Yes, it sucks and makes you feel super guilty to have a pet that won't eat.  Yes, it sucks and makes you feel super guilty to pick up the food bowl and know that your pet is hungry.  But sometimes tough love is the way to go (but only after switching to a good quality food Wink).

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