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How's Millie feeling today?  I missed her last night.  But we did get in a cute chi and frenchie...

Re: ***Ninasc****

  • She is doing great, thanks for asking! She is eating really well, pooping, and is generally perkier. She also hasn't been bothering the incision at all so we haven't had to cone her which is great. I am hoping she'll be almost back to her normal self by the time we leave for vacation because I hate the thought of going away while she is still sickly

    How is her Samoyed neighbor? I saw him get extubated and he was not a happy guy (he bit one of the guys I think because he was so nervous).

    What is the tech's name who has a pretty Weim (he seemed so big, I didn't realized they were so tall)? She was really nice :)

    [IMG]"300" height="190"[/IMG]
  • Jennifer has the weim.  Trust me, they aren't supposed to be so big.  He's a puppymill puppy that she doesn't want to believe is .  She keeps saying she knows the breeder but she found him on puppyfinder and he's from a "breeder" from MO.  Head hit forehead.  She and I were trained together...  she started there 2 weeks after I did.

    ETA: The Samoyed is ok... The great pyr wasn't doing so hot but he's stabalized a bit.  The sammy was in the cage right next to Millie and the Great Pyr is 2 cages down.

  • I think many people are in denial about where their dogs come from--they know puppy mills are bad but turn a blind eye when they want the instant gratification of getting a new dog. Its especially sad that someone who works with animals daily would knowingly buy a dog from a breeder in MO they find on puppyfind--if that doesn't scream puppy mill, I don't know does

    The white fluffers are confusing me! Maybe it was the great pyr that I saw on the table--I just remember a white fuzzball on his back with the tongue hanging out but it could have been either dog

    Oh and did I tell you my theory about Millie's tendency to eat stuff? I swear it's genetic because two of her litter mates had obstruction surgery too.

    [IMG]"300" height="190"[/IMG]
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