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Teaze Salon

I went to Andrew Z's salon today. I was not impressed. I get that it is new and all, but come on. That place is a hot mess....or I should say a cold mess. I was freezing.

One of my bff's got me a facial for my birthday. We both had appointments tonight at 430, or so we thought. We were not in the computer. They had one opening and since it was my birthday present, my bff let me go. So she sat in the lobby while I got my facial.

As the girl was going my facial her cell phone kept going off. HTF am I supposed to relax when I can hear her cell phone vibrating? And then if that wasnt bad enough, when she had the humidifier on my face I could hear her texting back.

I don't think I will be going back.

Re: Teaze Salon

  • duh, I forgot to mention what really pissed me off was that they didnt even care that my bff didnt get any sort of service or even offer to come back another time or "make it up" to her.

    I was in Andrew's pizza joint and saw him and told him about the appointments, so he said next time we are in to text him and he will make sure we get half off our bill.

  • Sorry you had a bad experiance!! I can't stand the man myself (he was a complete jacka$$ at a WW meeting) so I wouldn't ever go in his business anyways...
  • I've heard there are some 'issues' there as well, plus they seem kinda pricey!  That stinks that you didn't even get to enjoy your facial! :(

    Oh, and I went to their website the other day, and being the judgy beyotch I am when it comes to spelling/grammar, I was not impressed, lol.  Helloooo, this website is supposed to represent your business - PROOFREAD! :)


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  • image MrsJoey:
    Sorry you had a bad experiance!! I can't stand the man myself (he was a complete jacka$$ at a WW meeting) so I wouldn't ever go in his business anyways...

    I have never met him in person but I think he's an_ass on the the radio and I don't listen to their show and have no intention of giving him business either.

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  • That is terrible! And thanks for the half off to a salon I don't really want to visit again anyway. You should have asked the chick to turn off her phone.

    Merin, I just went to the site after seeing your comments. OMG it is awful!

  • I have not heard of this place.  Is it me or does it seem like the Toledo area is becoming overrun with salons?

    And why does Andrew Z feel he needs to branch out to so many different areas?

    I'm sorry your facial was not that great...when I finally had one a few months ago...I absolutely loved it!  And really want to do it again. Soon.

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  • I totally agree, the place is not impressive at all!  I had a mani/pedi there last Friday and while the girl who did it was really awesome, the place itself was bad.  The massage chair remotes are all busted up.  You can't even see what buttons to push to do what.  There is very little product on the shelves.  And when I checked it, it was really weird the way they handled it.  I'm curious as to were your friend waited for you?  There is not "lobby", there wasn't even seating by the front desk.  I just stood there while I waited to check in. 

     BTW - Andrew Z is a total skeezeball.  I've dealt with him in a couple situations and I've seen him try to take advantage of drunk girls.  Mind you, with his wife around and she's pregnat.  His wife is really cool, I wish she'd leave his ass!

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