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Talk worms to me.

When I was picking up the dog poop today, I noticed that it has a very grainy look to it. I dont see actual full sized worms, but the stool does not look right.

Where can I find a link to information (hopefully with pictures) on canine worms?

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Re: Talk worms to me.

  • I think that the only worms you can see are tapeworms.

    We've had more dogs with worms than I can count (I'm fairly certain that every greyhound at every track just has worms until it leaves for rescue and is dewormed for the first time in its life).  Our last two had hookworms.  Both had really liquidy poo, like the consistency of maple syrup.  Sometimes some sort of gel-like substance came out too (possibly anal gland fluid).  With Emmy, her poo is really dark brown and looks almost like wet coffee grounds.

    So much talk about poo.  I hope this helps at all.  If you're in doubt at all, just drop off a sample at the vet.  Fecals are usually really cheap (they're like $13 here) and the treatment is usually affordable and easy as well.

  • We're used to worms in our house.

    We've had fosters from Mexico that have had worms. The easiest is to just bring a fecal sample in. Generally if the poop is sandy, then I bring in a fecal and start de-worming right away.

    Rusty has had hookworm. His poop was literally exploding diarrhea and you couldn't see any worms in the poop. That was an awful experience.

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  • Thanks ladies. I will be bring samples into the vet this afternoon. They were de-wormed about six months ago, so they are probably ready for an update.

    My siggy is broken. It has made me grumpy.
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